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I was watching E!'s 101 Even Bigger Celebrity Oops and Michael's face was on the screen behind the announcer...but he wasn't on the countdown.

Eh, nothing too exciting, but I wanted to liven up the community.

*edit* whoops! he was #73


I don't think I introduced myself when I joined.

I am a swimmer, I was on my high school's swim team for 2 years. I actually didn't know about Michael Phelps, and wasn't interested in the swimming olympics until last year. Let me tell you, I was totally into it, and I realize how much I have missed!!!

Anyway, I think Michael is one awesome swimmer!!!

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Guessssss what??!?!

So starting tommorow, Men's Big Ten's swimming between Purdue, Michigan, Michigan State, Minnesota, Penn State, Wisconsin, Iowa State, Indiana University, Illinois, Northwestern, Ohio State takes place in my hometown at my home pool!!! (University of Minnesota Natatorium!) So in other words, I'll be on deck timing, and in other words Michael Phelps will be there! So in other words I get to meet him this weekend!

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