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"We're all maaad, here..."

Classic MHOTP!
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Greetings, and welcome to the MHOTP! community. If you're here, I'm assuming you know what this place is and what it's going to be used for.

If you found this through livejournal's listings, then you probably did a search for Most Haunted or something related. Take a look at the postings here, and if you're not terrified, why not stick around? We'll make you feel very welcome...*

If you don't know what Most Haunted is, you're probably in the wrong place.

To those that already know what this is, welcome! The MHOTP! community is officially open! There are no rules, except to respect each other, not get into flamewars when your OTPs clash, and to use the community well. Share icons, quotes, screencaps, observations, the occasional intelligent essay, whatever you like. All I ask is that you don't let this community die a silent and unloved death, nor stop posting on mosthauntedgeek because you're posting on here; love your fandom and divide your devotion equally. :)

When you've joined, leave a little post to say "Hello" and tell us what your MHOTP! (or MHOTP!s) might be. Obviously, I'm not expecting vast numbers to join this community, but maybe at least a post a week will be enough. ;)

And, in the interests of plugging, my Most Haunted-based novel, Come Forward can be read right here. Reviews are appreciated.

Any questions, comments or offers of money, see teylaminh

*Important Disclaimer: Of course, we do not for one moment think these people are randomly sleeping with each other, but... okay, so this is all my fault because I started it and then certain people *cough*Luton&David*cough* latched on and it mutated into the beast you see before you. The MHOTP! phenomenon is all for fun and giggles. Most of us do not even like Real Person shipping/fic ordinarily, but we've made the exception for Most Haunted for some unfathomable reason. We have the greatest respect for all the team members and everything they're trying to achieve, and do not intend any harm, embarrassment, libellous accusations, etc. upon them. This is just for our own amusement. Thank you.

In light of recent events in Most Haunted, this community has now changed its purpose slightly. It is henceforth to be known as 'Classic MHOTP!' and will be solely used for the discussion, laughter, pictures and silliness that used to surround MHOTP! in the good old days.
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