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Blatant Cavid Love Alert!

 I was just perusing In Search of the Supernatural, by our good friends Dr. Ciaran O'Keeffe and Yvette Fielding, as one does, and I couldn't help but notice a HUGE bit of encoded Cavid love in the text: 

Note: Take note of re-occurring phrases. 

In a section on working with psychics/mediums the text says: 

    "...The upside of working with good, open-minded psychics is that they have trained themselves to focus on the paranormal in a way few of the people involved in the investigation can. You can use their intuitive hunches to 'detect' more of what may be going on in a case. But remember that no psychic is one hundred per cent accurate in all cases, and a really good psychic is a rare find.
    The best psychics and mediums we have worked with are confident without being egotistical, and have good people skills and a good sense of humour, especially about themselves and what they do..." (Text Copyright to Dr. Ciaran O'Keeffe + Yvette Fielding, please don't sue me, I've made no money from this and it's being used in keeping with fair use/criticism and is not meant to be taken seriously.) 

... kind, warm, classy, charming, beautiful eyes... *Swoon* 

Seriously, though, in Ciaran's acknowledgement he says: 

    "...And, finally: Time has told me you're a rare, rare find...and I keep on finding the only thing supernatural in my life is how I ever found you. I love you Pretty." 

So brazen! That's out in the open, in print, for anyone to read. It cannot possibly be denied. So there we are, proof in print, in addition to screen, of the existence of Cavid love. (^_^) 


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