burningtorch (burningtorch) wrote in _mhotp_,

Weird Dreams

About a week ago I started having dreams about Most Haunted, it's happened five times now. All dreams involved David Wells (he gave me a hug in one of them and protected me) and a few have involved the entirity of the Most Haunted cast (well, by this I mean Yvette, Karl, David, Ciaran, Richard, Cath and Stuart); and one or two have definatly featured David and Ciaran as every inch the happy couple (It was a dream but still...).

One in particular stands out, I think that they were sitting around my dining room table and Yvette and Karl were dancing to some music, then Stuart and Cath joined them, then Richard started dancing with his big book (*laughs and shrugs*). Now that just left David and Ciaran sitting at the table, occasionally looking at eachother and smiling, one of them might have been blushing slightly. Then Ciaran opened his mouth to ask David something and I woke up! Unbelievable!

Bit irrelevant, but they were great dreams; a bit of David/Ciaran for your enjoyment.
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