Ciaran and David get their own show!! :D

Hello again. :D

Exactly what it says on the tin, The Good Doc and Saint David have a show in the pipeline! This is such good news, great to see Ciaran and David getting their own show together, not before its time, either. It will air on Halloween, no other info is clear at this time, but I'll be awaiting updates with much anticipation. :D

Ciaran's been keeping the fans hooked, with teaser photos, comments and links for a little while, keeping us all guessing.

Was this an early teaser pic?

Then this photo of Ciaran and Anna O'Keeffe in nightvision:

Then the count down clock:

A photo of Ciaran behind the camera...:

.. and in front:

Then a few nights ago, the video from David, which caused something of a celebration among the fans, who, up to this point, had been unaware of David's involvement:

Kept that quiet, didn't they?

This will be brilliant. They work so well together and it's nice to see people with genuine warmth and friendship working together, it makes for all the more enjoyable viewing. It's great that it also balances sceptic and believer in such a way that they compliment each other too.

Anyway, I hope I've helped with all my link spamming. Sorry, it went on a bit, but I'm really excited about this.

Keep watching these for more info:

Ciaran's FB:án-OKeeffe/223162731848
Ciaran's Twitter:

David's FB:
David's Twitter:

Anna's Twitter:

The Ghostlands website:


This picture always cheers me up!

So much so, I've taken part of it as an icon! (^_^)

I love this picture of the team arsing around back in the good ol' days :-D , you know, before the infighting got really bad... :-(

Anyway, a nice piece of nostalgia for we Most Haunted fans. (^_^)

C. Series 8? Actually, I'm sure it's Series 8.
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Blatant Cavid Love Alert!

 I was just perusing In Search of the Supernatural, by our good friends Dr. Ciaran O'Keeffe and Yvette Fielding, as one does, and I couldn't help but notice a HUGE bit of encoded Cavid love in the text: 

Note: Take note of re-occurring phrases. 

In a section on working with psychics/mediums the text says: 

    "...The upside of working with good, open-minded psychics is that they have trained themselves to focus on the paranormal in a way few of the people involved in the investigation can. You can use their intuitive hunches to 'detect' more of what may be going on in a case. But remember that no psychic is one hundred per cent accurate in all cases, and a really good psychic is a rare find.
    The best psychics and mediums we have worked with are confident without being egotistical, and have good people skills and a good sense of humour, especially about themselves and what they do..." (Text Copyright to Dr. Ciaran O'Keeffe + Yvette Fielding, please don't sue me, I've made no money from this and it's being used in keeping with fair use/criticism and is not meant to be taken seriously.) 

... kind, warm, classy, charming, beautiful eyes... *Swoon* 

Seriously, though, in Ciaran's acknowledgement he says: 

    "...And, finally: Time has told me you're a rare, rare find...and I keep on finding the only thing supernatural in my life is how I ever found you. I love you Pretty." 

So brazen! That's out in the open, in print, for anyone to read. It cannot possibly be denied. So there we are, proof in print, in addition to screen, of the existence of Cavid love. (^_^) 

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If I were a ghost

  Pretty much exactly what it says on the tin, what would you do if you were a ghost?

If I were a ghost:
  • I'd dive straight in front of someone's holiday snaps with a double-thumbs-up-grin, just because I could.
  • I'd slap Karl Beattie upside the head, just because every other 'ghost' seems to have done the same, and I'd hate to feel left out.
  • I'd whisper "Tell David Wells that you love him" in Dr. Ciaran O'Keeffe's ear, just because he does, I'm sure of it...
  • ...In fact, I’d spell “Dr. Ciaran O’Keeffe loves David Wells. True.” on the ouija board, just because it's my favourite MHOTP. 
  • I'd say "EX-TER-MI-NATE!" into a ghost box, just because it would be a laugh.
  • I'd make it go as cold as Fred Batt's heart is around him, just because he deserves it.
  • I'd move Paul Ross' chair back just before he sits in it on the live show, just because it would give proof of the existence of ghosts.
  • And I'd goose a Paranormal Investigator, just because... 
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Just a thought...

 ... If TPTB are outright banning Most Haunted fanfic, then they are creating a situation where it is simply going underground; it's not going away, merely, it is being circulated by those "in the know" as it were. As this type of circulation is unseen by any moderators, it is unregulated, i.e. anyone can upload just about anything they like. Some stories will be extreme, some will be violent and possibly some will be pornographic in nature, but the vast majority of authors just want to upload their interpretations of the series for other fans to enjoy. TPTB don't have to read it if they don't want to, but for fans it is a way of connecting with eachother and sharing their thoughts. The majority of fans do not mean to cause any offence to anybody who is, or who has ever been, in the team.

If there were a centre for the fans to upload their stories, they could share their ideas and thoughts in a moderated way, anything from humorous stories of friendship, to carefully constructed love stories, all laden with creative merit.

And, besides, is there any real difference between Real-Person Fanfiction and Historical Fiction or Political Satire? The people about whom the stories are written today will become the historical figures of tomorrow.

This is my case, that is my evidence, and your opinions are yours to make, but I can only see positives in giving the fans a creative outlet.

Thank you for listening. 
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Idea for a Cavid video

I've been thinking, oh dear I hear the MH team say, what about a nice Cavid video to 'I won't say I'm in love' from the Disney film Hercules. (Because it would be removed within one day, that's why)

Meaning no disrespect to either David or Ciaran, I really really like them, but I've had a lot of coffee today, (To honour Ianto Jones, Torchwood's beloved coffee boy, six months since he was removed from the show) and I'm a little bonkers. :D
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'ship name

Ok, so I've been thinking, the David/Ciaran pairing, it really needs a name. I thought about this for a while, and decided that the best suggestion I came up with was *drum roll* Cavid! (I'd had a fair bit of sugar yesterday, and I was a little sleep deprived because I struggle to get to sleep) I think it's catchy!
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Weird Dreams

About a week ago I started having dreams about Most Haunted, it's happened five times now. All dreams involved David Wells (he gave me a hug in one of them and protected me) and a few have involved the entirity of the Most Haunted cast (well, by this I mean Yvette, Karl, David, Ciaran, Richard, Cath and Stuart); and one or two have definatly featured David and Ciaran as every inch the happy couple (It was a dream but still...).

One in particular stands out, I think that they were sitting around my dining room table and Yvette and Karl were dancing to some music, then Stuart and Cath joined them, then Richard started dancing with his big book (*laughs and shrugs*). Now that just left David and Ciaran sitting at the table, occasionally looking at eachother and smiling, one of them might have been blushing slightly. Then Ciaran opened his mouth to ask David something and I woke up! Unbelievable!

Bit irrelevant, but they were great dreams; a bit of David/Ciaran for your enjoyment.


elbowrocks911 and I created mh_online. It's an attempt at an MH community that'll be a bit more active. There, shameless self promotion is fun, yes!

Oh, and if you want to actually write RPS (even if you want to take the RPS *seriously* @_@) you can!

Info here.

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