Florida's Largest Anime Convention

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METROCON - Florida's Largest Anime Convention

Welcome to the METROCON community, the LiveJournal community dedicated to the first Tampa-based anime convention.

First of all, what is METROCON?

METROCON is a three day convention held each year in Tampa, Florida that is dedicated to anime, Japanese music, cosplay, and more! What began as a means for the members of GundamWing.com and AnimeMetro.com's forums to meet in person has grown into Florida's largest anime convention!

METROCON is held at the Tampa Convention Center:

333 S Franklin St
Tampa, Florida 33602

METROCON 2010 will be held July 23-25!

The cost of METROCON varies on when you want to attend and how long. Please see the Registration page of the website for the most current and up-to-date information.

The official hotel for the convention is The Embassy Suites. Please see the Hotel Information page on the website for all further information concerning rates, location, parking, and contact info.

2009's theme was Fantasy vs Sci-Fi with Steampunk as a sub-theme (and major theme of The Fantasy Masquerade). 2010's theme is going to be Ninja vs Samurai!

(To see photos from the Cosplay Carnivale 2009, click here.)

Hall Costume Contest
Anime Music Video Contest
Anime Idol
Picture This! Photography Contest
Solid Snake's Build-a-Mech Competition

METROCON's Main Events includes:
The Original Anime Human Chess Match
The Fantasy Masquerade
METRO Star Party
Club METRO Dance

Other 2009 events included:
METRO Star Hunt
Calcifer's Fire Tournament
Abney Park in concert
Mark Hildreth in concert
Arc Attack in concert
AnimeBelle Presents: Japanese Fairytale Theater
Last Chance Myu's Miyuki Kanbe Tribute Show
Whose Line is it Anime?
Bay Area Robot Fights

To see the events schedule in full, check out the main website page!

Click here to check out the 2010 Events Schedule.

2010 Guests
We're currently working on signing up more guests for this year!
Scott McNeil, Spike Spencer, Richard Ian Cox, Kirby Morrow, Robert Axelrod, Doug Smith, David Stanworth, DJ Shadowfax, DJ Hellroy, KellyJane, TealPirate, Outland Armour, Ashley Clarke, Ana's Ikimaru, PikaBelleChu, Random Encounter

2009 Guests
Mark Hildreth, Scott McNeil, Kirby Morrow, Brad Swaile, Brian Drummond, David Williams, Doug Smith, David Stanworth, Yaya Han, Abney Park, ArcAttack, Outland Armour, Random Encounter, Shadowfax, DJ Hellroy, Ashley Clark, PikaBelleChu, Tony Finklestein, Glenda C. Finklestein

2008 Guests
Scott McNeil, Johnny Yong Bosch, Greg Ayres, Greg Cipes, David Williams, Lauren Goodnight, Doug Smith, Steve Bennett, Yaya Han, Ashley Clark, Eyeshine, Cipes and the People, Select Start, Heroes Alliance, DJ Heavygrinder, David Stanworth

2007 Guests
Greg Ayres, Laura Bailey, Steve Bennett, Johnny Yong Bosch, Luci Christian, Ashley Clark, Emily DeJesus, Robert DeJesus, Eyeshine, Lauren Goodnight, Ya Ya Han, Kyle Jones, Cynthia Martinez, Scott McNeil, Vic Mignogna, Doug Smith, John Swasey, David Williams

2006 Guests
Monkey Punch, Johnny Yong Bosch, Luci Christian, Christopher Patton, Greg Ayres, Cynthia Martinez, John Swasey, Lauren Goodnight, Doug Smith, Steve Bennett, Chris Sabat, PLID, seek, YURAsama

2005 Guests
Johnny Yong Bosch, Luci Christian, David William, Greg Ayres, Vic Mignogna, Christopher Patton, Cynthia Martinez, Monica Rial, John Swasey, Doug Smith, Lauren Goodnight, Eyeshine, Steve Bennett

2004 Guests
Greg Ayres, Luci Christian, Katie Bair, Robert and Emily DeJesus, Vic Mignogna, Monica Rial, Don Rush, Doug Smith, David Williams

2003 Guests
Christopher Patton, Monica Rial, Greg Ayres, Luci Christian, Don Rush

Samurai Mascots - Mary Dutcher and Tyler Walker
Ninja Mascots - Madison Bickel and Deandra Robinson

Past Mascots
2009 - Fantasy vs Sci-Fi: Cris Colina, Flor Roche, Stephen Daniel, Megan MacNeel
2008 - Light vs Dark: Dani'elle "Dee" Umstead, Indra Rojas, Britani Farley, Jamie Rich
2007 - Anime vs Video Games: Katie Rempe, Suzy Burhow
2006 - Kawaii vs Kowai: Nikki Palmer, Janet Chiarolanza
2005 - Pirates vs Ninjas: Lyn Cherowbrier, Dani Mazo
2004 - Schoolgirls vs Catgirls: Hannah Lees
2003: Andrea Zampella

Please check out http://www.metroconventions.com! Also, keep an eye on this community as we update news announcements as soon as they are available! You can also make an account on the AnimeMetro Forums! We're ALWAYS talking about METROCON there, 362 days a year (the other three are for METROCON, of course)!

Okay, what are the rules of this community?
[x] Please do not join to spam
[x] NO PROMOTING unless it is related to METROCON
[x] Respect the other users
[x] Posts need to be METROCON-related, and ONLY METROCON-related. Personal lives of the staff are not up for debate here.

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