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_MEOWR is an icon journal by Szehui, also known as Mao or Maomi, ( _maomi ) who is a 17 year old Chinese Singaporean girl who loves to design, shop, dress up, dream, write, take photographs and do all sorts of other nonsense other than her homework. ( Which would explain her terrible grades ) The journal, its layout and user info were all created by her and is not to be taken out, copied or manipulated under any circumstances or you will find her claws in your eyes. ^^

The icons made by Mao are usually extremely varied as her mood changes frequently, causing her designs to also change. More than often, she likes bright icons yet she also adores those soft and simple ones. A wide range of icons ranging from anime, CSI, Gilmore Girls, random fashion icons, kpop and even cartoon icons can be found here so do not hesitate to look around.

The current layout that can be found on the journal was made entirely by Mao and it features a picture from the Korean movie 'My Sassy Girl'. All was made in Adobe Photoshop and coding / customisation was entirely done by her. If you are looking for layout help, do not hesitate to try ljdesigners (: The journal is entirely public and so are the icons, therefore do RESPECT her.

The following rules are to abided by, whether you want to or not, since the icons have been made by her - YOU FOLLOW THEM. If you do not, she will claw you. >_>

* Credit in your KEYWORDS _meowr or _maomi. If you dont know how to , read the Keyword Credit Tutorial by icongrrl.
* DO NOT direct link or hotlink the icons at all. AT ALL. AT ALL. AT ALL. Jolly well save the damm icon onto your computer and upload it yourself. >_>
* Comment on the entry which icons you will be taking and a 'thank you' would be nice. Comments make her day. You can always tell her what you like about the icons and perhaps what you would like to see more of - (: It'll be nice! Even if you dont take any icons, comment! :D
* DO NOT REDISTRIBUTE or CLAIM that you made them or she will hunt you down and feed to to her babies. >_> If she made them, she made them. It's just that simple.
* DO NOT EDIT / TWEAK the icons They are HER icons. SHE made them THIS way, if you want it in any other, go do it yourself. >_>
* Requests not taken well, 70% of the time but if you're a close friend, you'll probably get what you want. :P

- If the icons were to be used outside of livejournal, kindly link the community or put '_meowr@lj' or '_maomi@lj' (: EASY!
- Do read the DOs & DONTs by teh_indy and FOLLOW IT, dammit.
- She does not take claim over any of the original images used in the icons. BUT Mao does claim the work that she has done, which includes the cropping, the colors, the texture / brush work etc. Her icons belong to her and she hopes that you will respect that. OR ELSE. :D

Lastly, enjoy the icons!

* Most of the icon bases are either handmade or are from :

* Images that have been used will be credited in the entry itself some of the time. (: If you wish to know where to get a certain picture from, do not hesitate to ask.

* Brushes used are more than often from : ( the list will be kept updated )

* A full list of resources / credits can be found here.


If you would like to be an affiliate, do comment here.

* Below are icon journals that I feel are terribly terribly talented and must be visited. (:
( Well, more will be added. :D; )