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Melissa Reeves [entries|friends|calendar]
Melissa Reeves


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About Melissa

Name: Melissa Reeves
Nickname: Missy
Birthdate: March 14, 1967
Birthplace: Eatontown, New Jersey, USA
Spouse: Scott Reeves (March 23, 1990-Present)
Children: Emily Taylor Reeves (Born June 23, 1992) and Lawrence David Reeves (Born August 4, 1997)


-Days Of Our Lives 35th Anniversary (2000)...Jennifer Horton
-Half A Dozen Babies (1999)...Becki Dilley
-The Image Workshop (1991)...Host
-Summer Camp Nightmare (1987)...Heather
-Days Of Our Lives (1965)...Jennifer Horton-Deveraux #3 (1985-1995; 2000-)
-Santa Barbara (1984)...Jade Perkins (1984-1985)
-Somewhere Tomorrow (1983)...Georgina


Melissa Reeves Online
Lady Vi's
Bo and Hope Brady
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12:29pm February 25th]
hourglass_days - A Days Of Our Lives RPG on Livejournal. Original characters welcome!

Visit the character list to see who is taken.
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12:01pm August 3rd]

Please come join this new Days Of Our Lives Stillness community!
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10:50pm July 18th]

Come join salemusa via salemusa_mod!
Brand new Days of Our Lives community!
Plenty of roles open!
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Hi! [Wednesday
12:13am July 12th]

Hi, I'm a new member here! I found this community, on Katie's user info page! I'm a huge fan of Missy and I'm glad I found this community. Just wanted to say hi! My name is Katherine, on most message boards, I go by glitter, or glitterk. :)
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4:36pm August 21st]

I just wanted to thank our awesome co-mod for creating this layout. You did a great job! :)
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11:38am August 21st]

[ mood | peaceful ]

Hey everyone!

I'm Katie and I'm a big fan of Melissa! =]

Our lovely mod, Diana, has made me a co-mod of the community. Yay!

Hope all of you have a great time here and show that we all are proud fans of the wonderful Melissa Reeves!

(Psst Diana! I redid the layout for the community. If you don't like it or want something changed, just let me know!)

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WELCOME!!!! [Friday
5:27am August 19th]

Welcome to the LJ community for Melissa Reeves. I will be working on some icons and such here in the next few days so please understand. I hope you all enjoy your stay here and we can meet some great friends who share with us the joy we have in watching Melissa in action as Jennifer Deveraux on Days Of Our Lives!

Your Moderator & Friend,
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