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Melanie C

On LiveJournal

Posting Access:
Anybody , Moderated
hi & welcome to the biggest melanie c community here on livejournal! we hope you enjoy your stay.
here we discuss, post pictures, youtube clips, random mp3s and flail about our favorite miss c. if you like her music, please don't hesitate - join today!
general rules;
this is not a place to bash & be mean. we care about melanie, her music, and her personal life, and we don't accept any form of negativism against her and her life. please note that this is not a spice girls community. you may post pictures and graphics of her as sporty spice, but for the other spices, please go to spice_girls_, or such.
rules for posting graphics;
please use an lj-cut when posting larger pictures. for icons, 4 teasers are allowed, the rest should be under a cut.
this community is open for everyone to post, but there are three of us who maintain it; mrskeithurban, vikkykey & chandlerina. we will delete your post if we feel that it contains something offensive.

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