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Looky..Me a n00b

whats up...new here...info..

[x]Location: Westchester, New York
[x]What are a few bands that you like?: The Sex Pistols, Ramones, Casualties (der), Lower Class Brats, Monster Squad, Devotchkas, Cheap Sex, A Global Threat, Defiance, STFU...a lot more
[x]Have you ever met Meggers, or any of the Casualties?: I've met them three times. Once at this years Warped Tour who's line up sucked except for a few bands. And most recently at the Knitting Facotory in NYC. After the show I was hanging out with them and chatting on the street and skored a few 40's off them haha yaay for underage drinking. I also ran into them 'round St. Marks Place in NYC a few years ago.
[x]Do you play an instrument?: I can play bass, guitar and drums but I play bass and lead vocals in my bands.

nice too see a site for meggers, he is damned sexy and really a nice person. and an extremely talented drummer....der..later freaks.
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