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Bubble Gum Pop & Wishful Thinking

you need to know the difference..

Got Meg?
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Welcome to _Mega_Mints_!!
A community dedicated to the one and only Meg White,
drummer of the band The White Stripes.

** Check out The Rules below.


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Rules are as follows:

1.) if you're posting more than one picture, please put it behind a lj-cut. (don't know how to? <*lj-cut text="type your subject!"> and when youre done and want to end your entry [lj-cut wise] type <*/lj-cut> just remove the stars!)

2.) If you are posting a good amount of pictures *please* write, somewhere before you use a lj cut, "Not Dial-Up Friendly!" or something to that effect.

3.) Icons and Friends Only Banners, and any other graphic for that matter, that are either Meg, Jack, or White Stripes are def. allowed.

4.) Any news, videos, questions, etcetc pertaining to Meg, The White Stripes, or Jack White are more than welcome!

5.) Enjoy!


_Mega_Mints_ founder:

Miss Jenny.♥
: xsavvyxsweetsx
: getmebodiedx3s