bella running new moon

good afternoon lovers :]

herro and good day. :D

how is everyone feeling on this cold, bone chilling day? At least in New York it is beyond cold.. and my cousins upstate had their power knocked out yesterday by ice storms and its still out.. i don't want to imagine how cold they must be. !!

anywhooo i've got some pictures that ive come across today in my internet travels. :]

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have a lovely peppermint filled day. :]
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bella running new moon

my meg phone!

thats right, folks. i said my meg phone!!

i have a tmobile sidekick 2oo8.. and i LOVE it because i can customize my phones case with pictures off my computer. ;]

so here are a few pics i found as well as the pics of my phone case, which i thought some of you might appreciate. :D &&of course its much brighter&&has better quality in person.

just be aware, this is a big post because the pics i took of my phone case came out huge [im not sure why but i apologize] for anyone whos using dial up or a slow connection. :]

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thanks for reading/viewing and thank you for being a part of the best Meg community on LJ. :D

&&i beleive its the best because all of you. :]

the biggest fan of the Sweetheart of the Blues.

fan fic?

Are we allowed to post fan fic here? If so, is anyone interested in some Meg femslash? Or, does anyone know if there's any out there already? Thanks!

edit: oh dear...nobody's I the only one out there who wants to see this? Or to write it?


Hello, I'm new

Hello everyone--It looks like the last post in here was a couple of months ago. but here I am anyway,glad to be here.

I just started listening tto the Stripes last month; I had heard of them, of course, but not listened till I heard part of "Icky Thump" on the radio, so I went and got the album, plus "White Blood Cells" and "Elephant." So far IT is my favorite.

I have a girl-crush on Meg and a regular ol' crush on Jack. It's kind of embarassing to admit to, but hey, I can't help it. She really is cute!

If anyone's out there, write and say hi, OK?