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&&the lion fell in love with the lamb. .♥.

my meg phone!

thats right, folks. i said my meg phone!!

i have a tmobile sidekick 2oo8.. and i LOVE it because i can customize my phones case with pictures off my computer. ;]

so here are a few pics i found as well as the pics of my phone case, which i thought some of you might appreciate. :D &&of course its much brighter&&has better quality in person.

just be aware, this is a big post because the pics i took of my phone case came out huge [im not sure why but i apologize] for anyone whos using dial up or a slow connection. :]

for those of you who don't know this is a sidekick 2oo8.. the green all comes off to be replaced with customizable colours/pictures.

and these are the sides

and this is the back :]

&&now for some pictures of REAL beauty.

here are a few icons i have come across, i did *not* make them myself..
if you know who has made them or if youve made them
let me know so i can credit you. :]

i love the red one, its my favourite of the bunch.


a lovely black and white still from the booklet for Get Behind Me Satan.

paparazzi shotttt.

two fun animated pictures:


show your true colours: red, white.. and black. :D

you took a white orchid.. turned it blue. ;]

and last but NEVER least :]

ive posted this one before, but i just LOVE it.♥

thanks for reading/viewing and thank you for being a part of the best Meg community on LJ. :D

&&i beleive its the best because all of you. :]

the biggest fan of the Sweetheart of the Blues.
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