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Hey There,

This community seems to be pretty inactive. I stumbled upon it anyway. I work at Medieval Times, Toronto. I a photographer/security guard here. I'm actually just coming off my 8 hour security shift from work. I also start in Bar this week (because I was looking for more hours, and the bar manager here is fantastic).

A few more photos of work.

Me in my security digs.

Jim-Bob! One of my favorite horses! Why is it that horses act like large puppies :)This is Einstein:

He's one of my other favorites of the horses. I truely believe horses are just big, cuddly, puppies at times.

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Ok. I think I'm going to celebrate my bday at MT! The birthday person gets to go free as long as I can prove it's the month of my birth. I'll just show them my license! yay!
It's just going to be my lover and I, so it won't be that expensive- plus I'm gonna use the coupon from the last crown I got XP!

OH! There's some club party @ MT on Sunday- I'll post the info later.
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Yay first post!
Well, I just made this community, b/c I didn't see any others like this, and we need one!

I looooove MT! Last time I was there was about a month ago, and I believe I'm going at the end of October again for my bday. EXCITEMENT!

So, while I'm trying to make this place look nice and spiffy- tell me about your experiences at MT!
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