animatorlammby (animatorlammby) wrote in _meanwhile_,

You both need to know...

Dear Jeni, and Katy.

I just have to let you guys know that I need some time to myself. I have alot of figuring out to do. I have had alot of hours at work, and figuring out car shit and what not. Im not saying i don't have time for you, because god knows I have plenty. I am going through some things and I need to be on my own for awhile, independent. Figure out my place in this place. Im sure we all go through this once in awhile. But it will be awhile before I can hangout, and be with you both again. I want you to both know that I will be back, if your willing to just hold on. I appreciate you both always caring, and calling. It makes me feel good to know your there. Just give me some time. Let me make some changes. I have alot of healing to do. I need to, I don't want to end up hurting someone over problems that have nothing to do with them.

Im sorry I didn't call you in person, that's just the way I am, I know I should of because who knows if one of you will read this or not. Im sorry.

If either of you though, are ever in any kind of emergency, and despretaly need me, please let me know. Im still open, just not as much as before. I am always here to help you if need be.

Katy, I hope everything turns out ok with your bunnies, and your dads leg, and your moms sickness. And your classes, and... you.

Jeni, Im sorry about those stupid annonymos posts, thats really shitty. If I knew who it was, I would knock there front teeth out for you. I hope you figure out what it is you want, and are looking for. And I hope everything goes ok with Greg, and your mom, and your sisters.

You guys are strong, Im sorry I didn't let you guys know earlier. It's been hard. Im sorry for the way ive been. Well now you know, and that's good at least.

HOLD ON TO EACHOTHER, BUT LEAVE AN OPENING FOR ME, because if you will let me, I will be back...


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