.:s.i.l.e.n.c.e:. (krazypunkstar) wrote in _meanwhile_,

hey ya'll.
what's up? not a whole lot here. doing homework, being bored.
i have a presentation, maybe today, maybe thursday.
let's hope i don't have to go today.
PLEASE don't let me go today.

i can't believe school is almost over.
sorry jen and carol, you still have a while.
but you're not in too many classes, so hopefully they'll go fast.

i can't wait til the summer.
it's going to be fun stuff.

i hope work is okay for all ya'll.
and i hope home isn't too horrible of a place as well.
as i've said before, you can always give me a call, email me, whatever.
i'll listen.
and i'm always here.
well until next week wednesday.
and then i'll be home!

but you know what i meant.

one week and then i move out!
how weird is that?!
i hope debbie stays at oakland, because we're rooming together again if so.
i'm excited about that.

if ya'll aren't busy next wednesday, and want something to do, i'll be packing up and movin' out.
so give me a holler, and i'll put you to work. lol.

well, i really should finish this presentation and paper. i have class in an hour.
so i'll talk to you gals later.

i loves yous.
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