.:s.i.l.e.n.c.e:. (krazypunkstar) wrote in _meanwhile_,

hey girls.
i hope you all had a great easter.
i love and miss all of you.

technically, this weekend is our weekend.
i just wanted to let ya'll know what's going on.
friday and saturday this week,
i have two choir concerts.
they're both at 8 pm.
so if ya'll wanted to plan around that, cool.
i'm up fer it.

i will have to do homework sometime in there.
if i have to do it friday and sunday, and leave saturday to sunday morning open,
cool. that's fine.

the only thing i can really suggest for this weekend,
would be going out and enjoying the weather.
cuz i don't know about ya'll, but i am going to milk it, yo.
but please, email me, call me, comment, etc.
let me know whaz up!

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