.:s.i.l.e.n.c.e:. (krazypunkstar) wrote in _meanwhile_,

hey girls.
i just wanted to let you know that i am staying up here this weekend.
and i wanted you to know that this weekend is packed, but i would still like to do something.
it just might not be just the four of us, because i had some things planned before hand.
SO. here's my weekend, just to let you know.
tomorrow, i am completely unavailable. i will be doing something that whole day.
sunday, clinton is staying over, and he, debbie and i wanted to go out and get sushi.
if you would like to come with us, that's more than possible!
i think it's going to be really fun, since most of the people invited have not yet had sushi.
and yes, you are the three invited.
if, afterwards you'd want to do something, i'm completely open to that as well and we can work it all out.
i'm totally up for seeing y'all this weekend, and i talked to stella yesterday,
and she said her only day off is sunday.
so i think it might be our best bet for this weekend.
if anyone wants to come over tonight, i'm up for that too!
i wanted to get my homework done today, and what i have is minimal.
somewhere in here, probably tomorrow, i'm stopping at home for some stuff.
BUT! that's beside the point.
SO! if you can and are willing to do something this weekend,
let's plan it out.
please, please, PLEASE call me and we'll plan it out!
and look! we have something to do! eat sushi!
have a good day my beautiful ladies.
i love you.
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