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To those of you with a MySpace:

I have made a MySpace group!

It's a group dedicated to giggling at the CONTRAST WHORES of MySpace. You know, the ones with 943,423.44 friends because they're soooo hott -- because of the contrast in their pictures.

You should all join and entertain yourselves with me.

Also, if I didn't add you to my MySpace it's because I use it STRICTLY for my local friends. No offense if you were declined. Please join my group! :)
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This probably won't come as a surprise to anyone, as I've been pretty inactive lately anyway. I don't have time for as many rating communities, and I find the desire to be a heinous bitch online diminishing considerably. It was fun while it lasted, sorry! ♥


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sorry ladies, i know its been foreverr since ive updated, but i hadnt validated my email so i couldnt. but now i can! so heres a random and very long over due picture update. comments apprieciated.

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<3 ya'll, stay mean =x