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Age: 15
Zodiac Sign:aries
Hobbies: shopping talking on the phone hanging out with friends working out reading magazines
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Favorites & WHY
TV Shows: the o.c. and laguna beach because they realte to me the most and always seem to get me interested plus im obsessed with california and ben mackenzie
Bands/Singers: i love fall out boy and hawthorne heights and also ryan cabrera because they all have amazing voices and amazing talent
Actors & Actresses: i like rachel mcadams kristen dunst and a whole bunch more that i wouldnt have room to put lol
Movies: the notebook,mean girls,hocus pocus,speak, wedding crashers, and more bascially anything drama or comedy related
Stores:hmm thats a tough one i like just fairy tales when i was a kid the whole cinderella thingy was super fun

Veganism / Vegetarianism: ive been thinking about trying it but havent had a chance to try it out
Wearing Fur / Leather: i think wearing fur is better becasue its was more styleish and leather just bothers me like the way it looks and everything

Now pick a controversial topic of your own and sway us with an eduacted opinion.:drunk driving is a major problem in the united states. so many people a year die from alcohol related crashes and most of them are teens which is double the tragedy. thats why im part of s.a.d.d. (students against drunk driving)because i think it makes a little diffrence on how teens and older adults will act when alcohol is in the pcture and maybe it will help to cut down on certain deaths and injuries.

Hot or Not and WHY
Ashton Kutcher:HOT! Ashton is so hot becasue he is amazing looking and has a personality to match it as well
Britney Spears:HOT! she has an amazing voice plus she just had a baby and whats cuter then that:)
Jesse McCartney:Hot-ish i like his voice but to many people are like obsessed with him
Pamela Anderson:NOT! i dont like her at all her personality and everything just seems so fake and shady to me.

Burn Book - This is where you bash three celebrities of your choice.
Rules 1)We must know who they are. 2) NO POLITICAL FIGURES! 3)Burn some one other than the obvious (no burning Britney, Hilary, Avril, Anna Nicole, Ashlee and Jessica for once!)
1. John mayer-i dont like his music and he just looks weird when he sings it kinda freaks me out
2. christina agulaire- why cant she stayt with one look! it goes from blonde to brown to afro to wavy to piercings all over i think she should pick something and stick with it!
3.Demi moore-i just dont like her..she needs to be with someone her own age and stuop trying to be 18 or 20 years old again.

More about you
What is one thing you couldn't live without?? my Cell phone, its like my baby i take it everywhere with me and i cant talk for hours on it:)
Which celebrity do you think you most resemble? i really dont think i look like any celebrity, but who knows
Why do you want to be in this community?it just seems like a cool place that i can share pics with and just talk about life.

Lastly, post at least 1 picture of yourself.
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