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Name/Nickname: Jessica/Gypsy
Age: 21
Zodiac Sign: Taurus
Location: Blah, Ohio.
Hobbies: making stuff (purses, pillows, head bands and hair clips)and selling them on ebay. smokin pot, chillin, and so on and so on.
Promote us in a community and another journal, and include the links to prove (we are not responsible for promotion where it is not allowed!):

Favorites & WHY
TV Shows: sex and the city and will and grace. I guess I just love the concept of singles in manhatten.
Bands/Singers: I like metal, mostly nu-metal. Just my thing, no reason. I occasionally will catch myself listening to the localstation on the radio that plays the same 10 songs over and over again.
Actors & Actresses: I &hearts, Sarah Jessica Parker, Kate Hudson, and Pamela Anderson. If you were to take a certain something from each of them, it would make a "me".
Movies: House of 1000 corpses, Witch Board, Prozac Nation, The Jacket, Taxi, Friday (1st, 2nd, snd 3rd one.). They are all great movies!If you haven't seen the movie the jacket go rent it, it is a twisted ass movie!
Stores: I do alot of my shopping in the internet. I don't like to shop at the mall. I'm a bit compulsive when it comes to people wearing the same thing as me, so I usually shop online over seas.

Veganism / Vegetarianism: Whatever, ya gotta eat. Eat what you like right?!
Wearing Fur / Leather: Hmmmm. I would never wear real fur, but I do have la leather wallet and leather boots, so I guess I'm on the fence for this one.

Now pick a controversial topic of your own and sway us with an eduacted opinion. (Hint: I would not choose abortion / gay rights as we have heard it a million times):

I have hear a million times that if you dye your hair too much it will fall out, and/or it will not grow back it spots. I have been a beautician for a year now. So I have come to know that these statments are FALSE!
Your hair will break off if you "fry" it and it will feel like shit, but it will not fall out from the root. Also the your hair will not grow back in spots thing is just totally fucking not true. I have no idea who started that but they need smacked.

Hot or Not and WHY
Ashton Kutcher: hot. I guess that 70's show did it for.
Britney Spears: not! Agh. she is really annoying.
Jesse McCartney: haha. I don't know who this person is.
Pamela Anderson: hot! Not only is she hot, she has had Tommy Lee (hot) and she is an active member of PETA. She is just fabulous!

Burn Book - This is where you bash three celebrities of your choice.
Rules 1)We must know who they are. 2) NO POLITICAL FIGURES! 3)Burn some one other than the obvious (no burning Britney, Hilary, Avril, Anna Nicole, Ashlee and Jessica for once!)
1. Christina Aguilara. Please pick an image already and stay with it god!
2. Angelina Jolie. I personally think her lip size is tooooo much, and she is fucking stupid for getting billy bob tatooed on her arm (I know she got it removed) but she's still stupid.
3. Brad Pitt. I like Jennifer Anniston better, so he sucks!

More about you
What is one thing you couldn't live without?? tampons:)
Which celebrity do you think you most resemble? Sheri Moon.
Why do you want to be in this community? I own the movie meangirls and I love it! That was so me in high school.

Lastly, post at least 1 picture of yourself.
To post a picture:

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