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Name/Nickname: Maxine Weinman
Age: 18
Zodiac Sign: Libra
Location: Chicago, Illinois
Hobbies: Reading Cosmo, watching The OC, going to concerts, working out
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Favorites & WHY
TV Shows: The OC, because I'm obsessed with Adam Brody and California, CSI, because I'm a criminal justice major and I love forensics
Bands/Singers: Jason Mraz, because he's sexy and has beautiful lyrics, Alkaline Trio because theyre awesome, and from Chicago, and Matt Skiba is hott
Actors & Actresses: Jake Gyllenhaal, because he picks really cook roles and is gorgeous, Kate Hudson because she's so funny and beautiful, Rachel McAdams because shes an awesome actress and im jealous of her!
Movies: The Notebook- rachel mcadams and Ryan Gosling...'nuff said.
Stores: Gap, because their jeans fit me like a glove and make me look hot, Urban Outfitters, because everything in there is adorable

Veganism / Vegetarianism: I dont do it, I think that if people want to it's okay, but it can be really unhealthy
Wearing Fur / Leather: I do it. I love animals, but if its already on the hanger, there's no saving it.

Now pick a controversial topic of your own and sway us with an eduacted opinion. (Hint: I would not choose abortion / gay rights as we have heard it a million times): I think that the out-of-state victims of Hurricane Katrina who were supposed to be going to college in New Orleans should not recieve free tuition. Im sorry, but if you were able to afford Tulane, you can certainly afford Illinois State. Of course, scholarship winners should be awarded the same scholarship for whatever school they choose.

Hot or Not and WHY
Ashton Kutcher: Not. I'm just over him. Punk'd is not a good show, and he's not really all that good looking.
Britney Spears: Hot. Not because of her talent or anything like that, but purely because everyone is talking about her. I want to know what she named her baby, dont you?
Jesse McCartney: Not. Never was, never will be. He wishes he was aaron carter, and thats not really a great aspiration.
Pamela Anderson: Not. she's disgusting

Burn Book - This is where you bash three celebrities of your choice.
Rules 1)We must know who they are. 2) NO POLITICAL FIGURES! 3)Burn some one other than the obvious (no burning Britney, Hilary, Avril, Anna Nicole, Ashlee and Jessica for once!)
1.Angelina Jolie- She's a homewrecker and a slut and her 'humanitarian' deeds are just to take the attention away from her whoriness
2.John Mayer- I love him, but he needs to release a new song! I'm sick of hearing him whine about fathers and daughters. who cares!?
3.Hayden Christiensen- He might be the worst actor I've ever seen, He made me hate Star Wars even more!

More about you
What is one thing you couldn't live without?? My cell phone- I have friends all over the country, and even some in other countries, and without my cell phone I wouldnt be able to stay in touch with them.
Which celebrity do you think you most resemble? personally, I dont think I look like anyone, but people are always telling me I look like Stephanie Tanner for Full House
Why do you want to be in this community? Who DOESNT want to be a queen bee?

Lastly, post at least 1 picture of yourself.
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