k g (iluvbabykate) wrote in _meangirls_,
k g

Sorry Guys ... I have 200 page book to read tonight so no fancy graphics with my Co-Mod application. The application is pretty simple, and if you'd like to be a Co-Mod then I welcome you to try. I will leave this aplication up until Thursday or Friday and then decide by the weekend.

*Post your application as a comment to this post NOT A NEW ENTRY
*Answer all the questions
* If you have any questions don't be shy.


1-Why do you want to be the Co-Mod for _MeanGirls_? What do you bring to the table?
2-Have you promoted more than once since you have been accepted?
3-Do you know anything about HTML and making grahpics?
4-Are you a MOD at any other Community(s)? If so do you think this will affect your status and participation here?
5-Promote and add link here (only one promotion please):

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