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*Name: Alison
*Age: 19
*Date of Birth: 3/27/85

*Star Sign: Aries
*Location: Outside Boston, MA
*Favourite Mean Girl: Cady
*3 words that best describe you: Opinionated, impulsive, & nosy... :-p
*Something interesting about yourself: I'm currently in the process of meeting my father & his family for the first time ever. Yeah he managed to take off before I was born, and apparently he's still not much of a winner.
*How did you hear about this community? Charlotte mentioned it :)
*Before applying, we ask you take one of our specially made promotion banners, and promote on another LJ Community. Where did you promote? (link):
*Favourite make-up brand?
Probably Cover Girl, they have the BEST eyeliner & pressed powder
*Favourite clothing brand? I love anything from H&M, and I really like Gap sweaters & scarves. I'm pretty much an H&M girl though. The clothes there are sooooooo resonably priced and they always fit right.
*Favourite TV shows? I'm a huge fan of any reality TV even though I don't admit it often. Real world, Amish In The City, Newlyweds, The Simpsons, Ashlee Simpson Show, Degrassi, Sex And The City, Mind Of The Married Man (BEST SHOW EVER!!!) CSI, True Life. 
*Favourite singer/band? Ashlee Simpson is my favorite right now but I also like a lot of rock & classic rock. Ooh, and ANYTHING 80's.


Please pick 5 celebrities and burn them!
1. Trishelle from Real World Las Vegas
- OK so she's not a REAL celebrity but still...Seriously, she's always on TV whining about how she's not really a slut, they just take every guy she sleeps with and puts it on TV, but there aren't THAT many guys. And yet she's still managed to sleep with more men then me & every single person I've ever met. If you don't want to people to think you're a whore, STOP GOING ON REALITY SHOWS AND SLEEPING WITH ALL THEM! It's THAT simple.

2.  Britney Spears- OH MY GOD. Don't even get me started. This girl had a GREAT career going. I personally don't like her music, or her 'acting', but she had such a good thing going for her. And then she goes and pulls the whole 55 hr marriage thing. Now, she could have saved her career after that, but nooooooooo, she has to go and get engaged to some nobody with 2 kids and announces to the world she doesn't think she needs a pre-nup. How stupid can this girl be? It's VERY obvious they're going to end up divorced and he's going to get half of her money. What an idiot. Not to mention the whole grabbing his crotch while photographers take pictures. Super role model, huh?

3. Jennifer Lopez - I can't help but wonder what goes on in her head. She's beautiful, rich, successful, and still manages to consistently make an ass of herself. Why does she need to throw herself into relationships the way she does? It's pathetic. If this new marriage fails shes not going to get anyone else because she has some sort of crazy I MUST BE MARRIED NOW gene or something. Not to mention when she modeled for Louis Vuitton she went all super greedy and grabbed a ton of purses to bring home. Like she doensn't have the money to buy them herself!

4.  Mischa Barton - I don't watch the O.C. but I've read SO MANY articles about what a horrible wench she is. There was something in CosmoGirl or a similar magazine about how she bashed some really upscale clothing store, and she thought they weren't good enough for her, and then a few weeks later she was shopping in the same store, and the owner kicked her out. I LOVE that. It's nice to see someone famous get what they deserve.

5. Nicky Hilton - Only because I'm a HUGE purse person, and while I'm not against fake purses, shes a DESIGNER and only carries fakes of other designer bags. would she feel if her bags were faked as often as Vuitton or Coach or Gucci? I mean REALLY. She can AFFORD the real ones, I don't understand it.

(Maybe I'm just tired but I had SUCH a hard time thinking up the last 2 people to burn, lol)
Please post 3 pictures of yourself.

 I was so tired here but I love my hair in this picture

Yeah I'm only the LEAST photogenic person EVER.

<3 Alison :)

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