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Hi everyone,

I hope you all don't feel as if I've been neglecting you! I know that everyone's classes have just started and so the communitie's been a little slow (I have 15 hours of classes my self this semester eek!) But I do hope everyone's well and still an active member!

I have a few things on the agenda that I promise to get done by this week:

  • Go through the member's list, I have noticed that several people are members of this community but have not every filled out an applicaiton. If you do not by Thursday you will be removed and banned.
  • Work on the layout, I have been doing my own but haven't had time to sit  down and begin the overrides for here. I will hopefully finish by Friday it not get it well along
  • Choose a Co-Mod. I am fully aware of the fact that I can't do this alone, I have way to much going on in my regular life as well. So I will choose a Co-Mod in the same fashion that Vanessa did, by posting an application.
  • Decide (along with the members) what we are actaully going  to DO in this community ... Vanessa had a lot of great ideas, with the weekly assingments, and the burn book. I would be more than happy to continue that however I want to know how everyone feels about it and if there's anything you would like to add to it?

I welcome all suggestions from everyone and can't wait to get the community revamped and alive again!

Kisses to all my mean girls (and guys!)
- Char

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