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hey bitches
I just wanted to let you know that since school is letting out, I will be returning to _meangirls_. Let me know of any changes that may have occured in my "leave of absence". Such as rules or voting techniques.
thanks girls, ttyl
<3 -megan

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completely forgot i made this over the summer lol. hope every1 has a merry christmas!! :)

sorry i haven't been updating or anything i have had the worst semester ever :-\


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hey everyone.. just wanted to say ill be leaving the community too.. with school and all its just insanely busy.. im really sorry!!

however, if anyone wants to add me to their journal, to stay in contact feel free! : )

hope everyone's having a great school year and all!!
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hey u guys..i know, i haven't been very active lately & i'm sorry about that. since school's started i've been really busy & i haven't been keeping up w/ my communities all that well. i jus wanted to let u guys know that i'm gonna leave this community, i love all of u guys so if u feel the same way about me u can add me as a friend & i'll add ya right back!

<33 always~
ashley dawn.
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