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Watch your Back..this is my application [30 Dec 2005|11:20pm]

[ mood | okay ]

Watch Your BackCollapse )

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[08 Nov 2005|07:38pm]

[ mood | happy ]

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[29 Aug 2005|12:58pm]

HEY GUYSSS.. im the new mod of mean_girlz. and i decided. that we need to PROMOTE OUR ASSES OFF. becuase how else are we going to get to be mean to random people. .. and to keep this community ACTIVE. were gonna have theme weeks. this weeks theme is.

summer lovin.

so post pics or tell stories or something. of summer lovin..


u know u love me!

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Headers [27 Aug 2005|10:53pm]

[ mood | happy ]

Headers, Banners, Friends OnlyCollapse )

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[08 Aug 2005|08:30pm]


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[01 Aug 2005|03:49pm]

HEY... its gucciskank02745. i changed my lj name, and imsorry i havent been here for a while. but im back and promoting. hey keely. do u have a aim?

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Application [05 Jul 2005|02:34am]

♡ Name-Vanessa
♡Hometown-somewhere in Florida
♡Dating Stutus-SIngle
♡Some Favorites ♡
actor/actress and why?-Ben Affleck, He is so cute. Lindsay Lohan, she is talented.
favorite Mean Girl and why?-Cadi she was cool.
flavor of ice cream-rocky road
movie-Mean Girls
season and why?-Winter, it is beautiful.

♡ Your opinion on ♡

Underage dinking-It is wrong

Drugs-They kill you and make you braindead, who want that?

Eating Disorders-I think they are stupid because people should just be healthy.

War in Iraq-is not really needed because Bush only did the war to finish what his daddy started.

School Uniforms-Some are cute/Others should be outlawed.

Teen moms-If you are mature and can provide for your child financially and emotionally on your own than ok.

Sororities-Are cool. They are new ways to meet peeps and stuff.
The Mean Girls Movie-Loved it!

How did you find out about the _Mean_Girlz_ community?Browsing


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Watch Your Back<3 [28 Jun 2005|10:35pm]

Watch Your Back Collapse )

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[27 Jun 2005|06:23pm]

Heyy everyone. Just wanted to ask if you would all check out my actualy lj. I'm doing some work on it and i definitly want all of your opinions. Please comment! <33 luvs!

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[27 Jun 2005|02:06pm]

ok. so .. i dont know if this is allowed. but i wanted to get some awesome peoples views on whats going on in my life.


you dont have to look if u dont want to. but i want to ask your opinion on who is making more sence in my argument..

delete this if its not allowed. and if its not allowed again im sorry

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Post from Moderator... [18 Jun 2005|11:09am]

Comment girls... Comment! Tell these applicants what you think of their applications!

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Watch your Back [08 Jun 2005|05:37pm]

♡ The Application ♡

♡ Name-Maria
♡Age-14 (15 in like 28 days)
♡Hometown-Menomonee Falls
♡Dating Stutus-Single (unfortunately)

♡Some Favorites ♡
actor/actress and why?-Julia Stiles... her movies help me with problems in life

favorite Mean Girl and why?-Cady because she is not afraid to stand up for herself
cd-Kelly Clarkson's Breakaway
band/singer-Kelly Clarkson
flavor of ice cream-Cookie Dough
movie-John Q
song-Addicted-Kelly Clarkson
season and why?-Summer because I get to spend a lot of time with friends and plus my birthday!!

♡ Your opinion on ♡

Underage dinking-its better that they learn while they are still around their parents (if it was changed to 18) then by someone else

Dugs-Medicine hell yeah.... other than medicine.... ADDICTING FOR A LOT OF PEOPLE AND WASTE OF TIME!!!
Eating Disorders-I think they are really gross. I would rather be proud of my bodying being obese than being anorexic or bulemic(sp?). I personally like food.

War in Iraq-Ummm yeah.... not a fan of it. Its nice that we are trying to help but we aren't achieving much and they don't really want us there anymore.

School Uniforms-Don't give students a right to freedom of expression. I think people need to be able to show their individualities.

Teen moms-My mom had me when she was 18. My dad didn't want to take care of me so she did. I think for the teen moms that are out there, are the ones who learn from their mistakes the hard way. They rock on for taking responsibility for what the dad usually never does.

Sororities-Hey... BONDING!!! ROCK ON!!!

The Mean Girls Movie-KICKS ASS!! I love it!!! It is sooo true about girls in High School and their kattieness (sp?)!!!

How did you find out about the _Mean_Girlz_ community? Through a friend of mine from LJ dustinsbaby1404


Picture: I will post it later cuz right now I am at the library lol

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watch your back [14 May 2005|09:00am]


watch your backCollapse )

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[15 Apr 2005|06:26pm]

[ mood | whooo! vacatioN! ]

ApplicationCollapse )

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[28 Mar 2005|01:10pm]

♡ Name-Amanda (my friends call me M)
♡Hometown- Rooseville
♡Dating Stutus- Single :(

♡Some Favorites ♡
actor/actress and why?- Lucy Ball because she funny and a great actress.
favorite Mean Girl and why?- Gretchen she can act conceded but make it funny. Also she very pretty.
cd- The new Hilary Duff CD. I think its called "Fly"
color- Sparkly Blue
band/singer- Hilary Duff. Shes pretty and has a great voice.
sport- Track and Dance.
flavor of ice cream- Rocky Road. Yum Yum.
movie- Mean Girls!!!! Love That Movie!!!
song- Fly by Hilary Duff
number-3 my lucky number.
season and why?- Summer because i love the warmth and i love to swim.

♡ Your opinion on ♡

Underage dinking- I dont think drinking is right period but its your choice.

Drugs- I dont think drugs are right eather but its your choice.

Eating Disorders- Are once again not right but they are your choice.

War in Iraq- I'm glad were helping them without actually wanting to rule them.

School Uniforms- Are so wrong. We should be able to express ourselves through our clothes.

Teen moms- Its sad they cant forfill their dreams. Unless that is there dream. Then good for them.

Sororities- There smart and pretty.

The Mean Girls Movie- Is the greatest movie!

How did you find out about the _Mean_Girlz_ community? I was looking through the communities.

Pics- you may post a picture of yourself for a better chance of being accepted... I can post pictures. I dont have a digital camera so sorry about that.

Promote this community as much as you can!


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[17 Mar 2005|08:41pm]

i never got a stamped yes or no.. am i a member?????

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Application [21 Feb 2005|10:31am]

I'm here with my 'Army Of Skanks'.Collapse )

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[22 Feb 2005|05:48pm]

♡ The Application ♡

♡ Name-Megan
♡Dating Stutus-single

♡Some Favorites ♡
actor/actress and why?- reese witherspoon and jim carrey..i think they are funny and good actors/acctresses
favorite Mean Girl and why?-grethen, beacuase shes just out there and funny
cd-bowling for soup, big and rich, taking back sunday, all american rejects, toby mac, yellowcard
color-pink and blue
band/singer-bowling for soup, tyler hilten, ryan cabrera
flavor of ice cream-chocolate
movie-slepover, mean girls, spider man 1 and 2
song- sweet home alabama, theres nothing wrong with ohio,
season and why?-summer because theres no school and you can go to the beach

♡ Your opinion on ♡

Underage dinking-i think its wrong and dangerous and can screw up your life

Drugs- bad for you, will make u die younger, and its gross

Eating Disorders- its not good, and i feel bad for the people who have them

War in Iraq-i want it to stop

School Uniforms-ick dont like them

Teen moms- very wrong...teens shouldnt be having babies

Sororities-as in like in college?
The Mean Girls Movie- loved it

How did you find out about the _Mean_Girlz_ community?
my friend

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WATCH YOUR BACK!!!!! [24 Feb 2005|12:36am]

[ mood | tired ]

My AppCollapse )

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[04 Mar 2005|10:11am]

♡ Name- Nikkie
♡Age- 16
♡Hometown- milwaukee, wi
♡Dating Status- single

♡Some Favorites ♡
actor/actress and why?- molly ringwald..(sp?) because i just do.. shes great. johnny depp.. not becuase hes extremely hot.. even though he is.. but becuase i loved how he played his role in blow
favorite Mean Girl and why?- karen smith.. becuase shes sooo dumb.. and its funny to watch
cd- goldfly by guster
color- pink
band/singer- guster and jack johnson
sport- vollyball
flavor of ice cream- pistashio
movie- mean girls, and the sweetest thing
song- barrel of a gun- guster
number- 7
season and why?- spring, becuase new styles are coming in.. and its so pretty, and i love walking in the rain

♡ Your opinion on ♡

Underage dinking- ive done it.. like twice... what u do is your decision..

Drugs- ive done them a couple of times.. theyre kind of stupid.. whats really fun, is being around drunk or high people,,, cause they act so retarded

Eating Disorders- i feel bad for people with them..and i really want to help them.. but i dont like getting into peoples buisness too much.

War in Iraq- i suppose the economy of the u.s. after every war has prospered (sp?) so for? even though i really dont like it.

School Uniforms- i think that clothing is a good way to express yourself, so im against them

Teen moms- it depends, if you are a total slut, i wont like it.. but if you got like raped or something and are against abortion, then i just feel bad for them.

Sororities- the girls in the sororities, are often really fake.. which is retarded

The Mean Girls Movie- love it!

How did you find out about the _Mean_Girlz_ community? by looking online


^me at homecoming

^stupid dumb pic of me "picking my nose"

^ me , left... my friend, right...

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