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Feeling all nostalgic.

I'm a librarian, and I was very disappointed to find out this series isn't available on DVD to buy for the collection--they'd frown on unofficial sources up in the top office, ya know. ;)

I was a teenager when this show was running on Nick, but I was totally entraced with it. What a complex, neat, well put-together series. A little heavy-handed in the whole "Weapons of the sun!" thing at the end, but by then, I was mostly interested in Esteban and his past. I wanted to know more! I think I could have watched the series for ages.


Anyone to petition for official DVDs here?

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Wow - an interesting find on LJ. I watched the series as a kid, and now own one of the many unofficial English dvds of it, and it still stands out as one of the most innovative and original cartoon series' created.

Something that some of you may find interesting - I'm an administrator at a multi-fandom fiction archive, and we have our own category for MCoG stories that either dig deeper into the backstory or try to continue the series. There's only seven stories there at the moment, but we hope to add to that; and these seven are pretty much the only ones out there on the internet at the moment.

We also have links to a number of other MCoG related sites and discussion boards. - just click on the categories link and you'll find some stories you may find interesting.

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Mendoza love!

i think ifirst watched this when i was very little, but even then i appreciated how good it was. ahh, those were the days, when kids tv wasnt dumbed down and actualy engaged our brains.

and of course, Mendoza. i really think i imprinted on him as a may seem odd, but watching the series now i am grown up, i have been struck with how most of my crushes have had quite alot in common with him...*sigh*

mobile ringtone?

hey hey :) i was wondering if anyone knows where i might be able to get the mcog theme as a real tone ringtone? i searched on vodafone live & they didn't have it + i've just done a google search and haven't been able to come up with anything. it needs to be available to someone from the uk. if anyone can help, you'll have my eternal gratitude! :D (if that means anything to you at all.. :P )

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today i found a copy of Les Mysterieuses Cites D'Or 'Les Series Cultes' on DVD in a DVD and CD market in China. It is DVD 2 of 4, featuring episodes 9 to 16 and looks to be the official French release. unfortunately there are no English dubs or subs, but I bought it anyway for Y10 (about 65p) because it's such a cool and random thing to find! The artwork is different to the one on and I'm going to go back next week to see if i can hunt down DVD 1, 3 and 4.

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you can download and mp3 of the MCoG theme by right-clicking here.

there is also a petition asking for the official release of the series on DVD. you can sign it here. there are currently over 3500 signatures!

if you know anyone who would like this community, don't forget to send them this way!
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Hey, all. I was thrilled to come across this community when doing a random search for Cities of Gold.

I adored this series as a child. The theme song still gets me excited-- I think Cities of Gold was all that was best of cartoons from that era; good plotting, good animation, a mixture of folklore and imagination that you don't often see in serialised cartoons these days.

I know that they have recently released Dungeons and Dragons on DVD in the UK. I'm waiting for the day they release this. I've only ever seen it on sale in France, and I think I'll buy the French version next time I go back.

Anway, huzzah for this community!