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Well, this community looks like it's beyond dead, but I'll post here anyway. I'm a few weeks late to the party, but the news that the sequel is going to start airing in September 2012 got me so excited that I decided to make an AMV about the original series. I haven't seen many MCoG videos around, so if anyone knows any, I'd love to get links.


MCoG fanfic -- I hope this is okay to post

Hi! I just joined this community. I'm a huge fan of MCOG, but haven't really been involved in the apparently dwindling fandom. I did, however, write this little story this morning. May not be your idea of how it goes, but I consider it a lost moment from the series.

Title: Children of the Sun
Fandom: Mysterious Cities of Gold
Rating: PG-13
Warnings: Discussion of sexuality of underage characters

Children of the SunCollapse )

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I've been watching a set of MCoG DVDs I purchased a short while ago, and I have an utterly random, trivial question.

In the episode where the sailors and the children are captured by the Amazon women and taken to be sacrificed to the Amazon's rain god, Zia says something about "oh, all this is my fault", and I've heard fans of the series blame her for their near-miss at being sacrificed before.

I'm lost, though as to why it was Zia's fault that they were captured. I've watched the episode several times looking for some reason why something Zia said or did would have ultimately been what led to their being caught, but I can't find anything. Could someone fill me in?

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I just started a community for trading odd outdated shows as media files. I've already posted a few recommendations (my so called life and the mysterious cities of gold) but other shows I'm interested in trading are fraggle rock, the muppet show, muppet babies, any saturday morning cartoons from the 70's, 80's or early 90's, nicktoons, square pegs, get smart..and anything else you can think of.

So, what's MCoG to you?

So, this LJ community seems to be going the way of the dead parrot rather quickly.

However, in an attempt to make it last a little longer, and to suppress any more Monty Python humour from yours truly or, even worse, a repetition of Baldrick's masterpiece, "The German Guns", I'll throw this challenge into the ring.

The MCoG fanfic challenge - basically, you all have to come up with some form of short story, from drabble to novel, based on the series. This can be missing moment, future event, past story, whatever you like.

For those of you who frequent the portion of The Archives dedicated to Mysterious Cities of Gold fanfiction (,) you'll know that I like Esteban and Zia to live happily ever after with each other. However, this isn't required for this challenge. The best, at my discretion, will be permanently uploaded to The Archives (the one place that is dedicated to ensuring that MCoG fanfic will live for a very long time.)

So take that hour out of your time to write something. Take that hour to put your thoughts down in words. Is there some event you feel the series didn't cover fully? Did you always want to see Esteban and Zia's wedding? Will Tao ever get a girlfriend? Note it down and give us your thoughts - it doesn't take long to write a drabble or short story, but a lot of people would love to see your ideas. Lets give it a while until we decide whether this LJ is really serving anyone or has just died a natural death - 01/11/2005 is the deadline. GET WRITING!

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I just recently decided to try and research one of my all time FAVORITE programs from when I was a child and I stumbled across this site in a LJ search. Im so happy!!!!!!!!!1

Thanks for putting up this community. I can tell Im gonna come and comment here often ^_^

This is so cool

No-one I know remembers this. I've only vague memories. A boy with half a medallion and a man with a swirly cloak with the other half. A girl with a full medallion and a boy with an urn.

It's not fair the dvd isn't available in english!