so don't luv it someone tells you one thing then turns around and tells someone the exact mpposite thing. especially, when you and this person are supposedly "friends". it just hurts so much.
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Did anyone attend the Maylene show in Tampa on Memorial highway last friday?

For anyone that did not go, Octavio Fernandez (old UO guitarist) was there and after Maylene's last song, he joined Dallas to perform an old Underoath song. (I forgot the name of the song)

Did anyone else see that? I thought it was pretty rad.

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If you like riffs and/or beards. You'll like Valient Thorr.
For fans of: Thin Lizzy, Drunk Horse, Early Man, Led Zeppelin?

Sunday June 4th

Valient Thorr
Andy Jackson of Hot Rod Circuit (HRC acoustic songs)
the Escape Frame
the Dead Kings
+1 (maybe)

Cave 9 - ALL Ages - $5 - 6:30

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Hey, why arent the guys playing cornerstone florida anymore? They were on the lineup since they released one, but just now theyre not anymore. This thoroughly upsets me as the warriors tour isnt coming down here either :/