Hm, this community is dead for year and a half. Since it's the only Mathieu community, lets revive it, what do you say? I'm not sure if the maintainer of it is still present on lj, I've looked at her journal and she has moved a year ago somewhere else. Okay, still, I hope we can continue here ..

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just a heads up

if you want to see two interview clips with mathieu in them, check out the official site for MUNICH (if you haven't already) under 'media'. the production notes mention him as well, so if you wanna take a look at that...

link: hi res pics from MUNICH

and here's link for BABYLON AD on someone on the messageboard said vin diesel was being cast, whereas on other sites, vincent cassel is rumored to be involved. personally, i'd prefer vinz but hey, we can't always get what we want.


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Forgive the lack of posting, but I just found some quirky and (relatively) new batch of hi-res Mathieu pics here. I highly recommend checking them out for any graphics making purposes. Besides the fact that Kasso sort of looks like a dishevelled little monkey - which of course makes him insanely cute.

Enjoy ;)


here's a link to the official website for MUNICH where you can download the trailer (if you haven't seen it yet). mathieu seems to have an important role in the film, and judging by the trailer, i think he's the gizmo guy in charge of all the explosives.