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massive attack in north america, finally

Massive Attack in Texas.

Daddy G isn't there, 'cause ironically, he's about to become a daddy for real, so he was with his wife instead. (moral of the story, don't fuck your wife nine months before a tour) He'll probably be back for later shows... just isn't the same without that deep voice, you know?

Elizabeth Frazer (yeah, from the Cocteau Twins) is doing back-up vocals... and they also have Shara Nelson, who was the lovely lady on the original version of Unfinished Sympathy and other Blue Lines cuts.

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DC Dates

Someone mentioned two Washington DC tour dates in September (the 28th and 29th I believe). Does anyone know any more information about these dates, like when they're becoming available for presale and/or regular sale? Thanks. I'm looking forward to going. Not sure if it's worth going to two shows with finances and all, or just the Friday show... Please let me know! Thanks

Screwed over by the pre-sale!

I purchased a ticket during the pre-sale (for Nokia Theater in Grand Prairie, Texas) and got 12th row. I woke up this morning and saw that for the public sale, they finally released pit tickets. I purchased another ticket because there's no way I'm going to miss out on a chance of potentially being in the front row. Unfortunately, I now have an extra ticket. Do pre-sales often do this? This has never happened to me before. There have been times has released pit tickets weeks before the show but to have a pre-sale that reserves shitty seats for you, I think is unfair. Grrr...

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Does anyone here know the title and Possibly even a link where I can listen to it that song with the video of the baby (foetus?) in it? It is the second song on their new collected advert here in the UK?

I REALLY want that song but I've tried asking everywhere!!!!