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Nothing To Lose

…and here it is…

Mix number ten

And this one was inspired by DJ Shadow

You see, DJ Shadow released a new album called The Outsider, and all sorts of people were trying to hate on it. How it didn’t sound like the stuff they were used to, or how it’s jumping on a genre bandwagon. That actually kinda pissed me off. HE’S the artist, not those critics. Therefore he gets to do whatever he wants. At this stage of the game he’s got nothing to lose.

And that’s where the genesis started.

Mix number ten
Delivered to you in three parts

Part one (PROTEAN) hearkens back to my first online mix (BACK2MINE) but shifts and changes and mutates over the course of 48 minutes. From rock steady to deep sawtooths to drum shuffles, a little bit of everything is in here

Part two (INDIGNATION) is… well, let’s just say it’s dedicated to a certain person whose last name starts with B and ends with USH. If you feel that you may be offended by this particular mix or may get in trouble for listening to it, then I will not be offended if you just skip over this one. This mix is my way of channeling my anger and I will not apologise for it.

***By the way, the lyrics to one of the songs in the mix called WWIII can be found here
read them
I think they’re interesting***

Part three (AFTERWARD) is the calm after the storm. Or, more accurately, it’s the party after the storm. Music with a message, but also with some damn good beats!

Will some people like this mix in its entirety? Maybe.
Will some people be alienated by some sections? Quite possibly.

But I don’t really care, because at this stage of the game, I feel like I have nothing to lose.

The epilogue track in part two is in German.
If you go to the waxdj site, I have put there a rough translation of the lyrics in the messages section.
Very eye opening to say the least!

Also, all parts have an adult word or two in them


(Click the promo image to go to the download site)
(and if you want to, rate my mix!)



Flip Ya Lid
Nightmares On Wax

Sly (7 Stones Mix)
Massive Attack

Don’t Be A Girl (Dancehall On Fire)
The Psychedelic Furs

The Worst MC (Remix)

Bike Ride To The Moon
Boom Boom Satellites

Putting Shame In Your Game (Prunes Remix)
The Beastie Boys

A Tribute To Monk & Canatella (Part One)

Walking In My Shoes (Grungy Gonads Mix)
Depeche Mode

Knee Deep In Beats
London Funk Allstars

All That Glitters
Death In Vegas

NOTHING TO LOSE 02: Indignation

Starting Over/The Name Of The Game (Hybrid Mix)
The Crystal Method

Not Another Drugstore (Plan 9 Mix)
The Chemical Brothers

Strike To The Body
Die Warzau

Nuclear Bomb (Live)
Meat Beat Manifesto

Their Law

Animal: Guide
Front 242

WWIII (The One And Only Extended Mix)

Moment I Count
Boom Boom Satellites

Quoth (Hidden Mix)
Polygon Window

My Kingdom (Part 4)
Future Sound Of London

20,000 Hardcore Members

(Epilogue) Ansage

NOTHING TO LOSE 03: Afterward

(Intro) The Best Album In The World

Fatboy Slim

Sixth Sense
Wink/Ursula Rucker

One By One
Sub Love

Emerald City
Teena Marie

Star Guitar (Mix Two)
The Chemical Brothers

It’s Gonna Be Alright
Pussy 2000

…And Stones (Lovers Uptown Vocal Mix)
The Blue Aeroplanes

Tennis (Reworked Mix)
Junkie XL

Get Together

(Epilogue) Getaway
N’Dea Davenport

cwm 20 october 06

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