October 20th, 2006


Nothing To Lose

…and here it is…

Mix number ten

And this one was inspired by DJ Shadow

You see, DJ Shadow released a new album called The Outsider, and all sorts of people were trying to hate on it. How it didn’t sound like the stuff they were used to, or how it’s jumping on a genre bandwagon. That actually kinda pissed me off. HE’S the artist, not those critics. Therefore he gets to do whatever he wants. At this stage of the game he’s got nothing to lose.

And that’s where the genesis started.

Mix number ten
Delivered to you in three parts

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Will some people like this mix in its entirety? Maybe.
Will some people be alienated by some sections? Quite possibly.

But I don’t really care, because at this stage of the game, I feel like I have nothing to lose.

The epilogue track in part two is in German.
If you go to the waxdj site, I have put there a rough translation of the lyrics in the messages section.
Very eye opening to say the least!

Also, all parts have an adult word or two in them


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