как-то тихо тут у нас... в то время когда на МА-форумах катают страницы текста...
а ведь точно, новый альбом скоро будет, если товарищ Роберт не шутит в очередной раз!
на оф. сайте инфа подтверждается, так что на этот раз, похоже, все серьезно...

it's oh so quiet... in times when all MA-relating forums fulfilling with pages of new posts...
but - exactly - the new album is coming, if camrade Roberto not kidding once again!
the information's submitted on the official blog, so this time, it's seems too serious...


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i met a christian in christiansands, 
and a devil in helsinki

my defences
             become fences

you and me, what does that mean?
always, what does that mean?

it means we'll manage, i'll master your language

and in the meantime i'll create my own

by my own
it means we'll manage

i'll master your language

what a motherfucking great concert - tricky - los angeles - wed march 25 - 2009

Nothing To Lose

…and here it is…

Mix number ten

And this one was inspired by DJ Shadow

You see, DJ Shadow released a new album called The Outsider, and all sorts of people were trying to hate on it. How it didn’t sound like the stuff they were used to, or how it’s jumping on a genre bandwagon. That actually kinda pissed me off. HE’S the artist, not those critics. Therefore he gets to do whatever he wants. At this stage of the game he’s got nothing to lose.

And that’s where the genesis started.

Mix number ten
Delivered to you in three parts

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Will some people like this mix in its entirety? Maybe.
Will some people be alienated by some sections? Quite possibly.

But I don’t really care, because at this stage of the game, I feel like I have nothing to lose.

The epilogue track in part two is in German.
If you go to the waxdj site, I have put there a rough translation of the lyrics in the messages section.
Very eye opening to say the least!

Also, all parts have an adult word or two in them


(Click the promo image to go to the download site)
(and if you want to, rate my mix!)

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cwm 20 october 06
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The Roseland show in NYC, Oct. 5th

Could anyone here use my 2 Massive Attack tickets for October 5th?? Unfortunately, I'm unable to go. If you were thinking about going but didn't want to pay Ticketmaster's "convenience charge" of $8.20 (!!!) per ticket, please email me!

I'm willing to sell the pair separately or together - just the face value, $50 each. Pick them up any weekday in the Union Sq/Flatiron area or on the weekend in Greenpoint, Brooklyn. Let me know if you're interested!