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Massage Trade! (Chicago/Evanston, IL)

I hope this is not considered spamming the community... Please let me know if my message is inappropriate. This is cross-posted to my own journal and other commmunities.

I graduated massage school a month ago. I am now waiting to take my National Certification test on Monday, and then file the paperwork for my licensing. In about two weeks I should be able to go completely pro. In the meantime, I would like to get as much practice as possible, and get some work done on myself...
So, here's the offer: I have well-trained, intuitive, and helping hands for massage. You probably have some massage/healing skill, or can help me build my business by passing on the word, or can help me with graphics or code for my website, or can cook me a meal, or can give me some tax advice, or can give me professional feedback, or can talk to me about successfully growing a business... Or maybe something I haven't even thought of needing.
So, if you think you have something to trade (or you have some money burning in your pocket and want to make a donation in cash), drop me a line at lotushands at gmail dot com, and we'll set up an appointment. You will have to come to my place in Evanston, convenient to the El, though, because I still have no car.

Please pass this message on.

Peace and love.
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to north carolina/south carolina/tennessee therapists::

I have for sale a Portable Oakwords 'Nova' Massage Table in Sage Green. I just got a brand new oakworks table as a present so this one is just sitting in my closet. It has plush padding and is a great table.
Oakworks has a detailed description on their website, here: http://www.oakworks.net/portable_massage_table/nova.asp

The retail price for the table is $459, but I'm asking $300 OBO. Reply if you're interested! I live in Asheville, NC so Tennessee / SC / NC are driveable distances. I can either drop off in your town or you can come pick up in mine!

ALSO to any therapists in the area: i would love to practice on you and get some feedback! I'm in school right now and I want as many professionals' opinions as possible.

looking for massage therapists in south jersey...

Hi everyone. I'm a massage therapist in South Jersey (over 1/3 of the way through my certification program) and I'm looking for another therapist or student in the area to possibly barter with for massage. It seems a little goofy as a massage therapist to be constantly paying for my own massages; plus, I could use the extra practice. If anyone is in the area (I'm in Camden County/Gloucester County/poss Burlington County area) and interested, please let me know and we can get to know each other and possibly discuss details. Thanks! xposted