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Hello everyone!!!

i was wondering if a few, or all of you would share some insite into how things are done at your place of work or in your own business. Do you get a small break (maybe 10 or 15 min) between clients in order to give you last client a chance to get dressed and for you to change the bedding and "rest up" for your next client? The reason im asking is because the spa that i work at used to be pretty cool, we do alot of relaxation massage and had a routine of 50 min. hands on and ten mins w/ a heat pack on the back, at the end, many of my client enjoyed that 10 min because it gave them a chance to chill by themselves and take in what has just happened,and then i did percussion for a few mins before they got dressed. this arrangment was great for us since we do many (5-7) massages back to back barely more than 3-4 min between clients, we could get our sheets together for our next client and sit down for a min. The manager just informed me today that we will no longer be doing the heat pack at the end but we are still doing massages back to back all day long. I feel its inhealthy for us, but of course since she is not a therapist she does not understand or seem to care about our well being. Im sorry this may seem like one long run on sentance but i really upset and typing fast. Any comment, or advice on how to keep up the pace would be greatly appreciated