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SOAP notes

I was just curious as to how many of you keep SOAP notes? Or something similar? 

In my practice, we don't do medical/insurance billing and Utah law does not mandate that we keep "notes" at all, but I still keep notes because I can't remember every specific thing about each client. (well atleast the things I want to remember)

In my notes I do use a SOAP note format and I include things like the type of pressure they enjoy, if they make comments about what feels good, preferences, i.e. if they like extra time on hands/feet, music, and other speicific things like that.  I do also mark areas of tension, trigger points, and what their cheif complaints are, as well as include personal things they tell me during a massage, ex.. "my job stresses me out (and what their job is)... it's our anniversary... I'm training for a marathon) so the next time they come in I can ask them about it.   It really helps with that interpersonal relationship as they feel valued  and important to me - which they are! I also include any special mailings I sent out, like the thank you post card with a discount on it.

At first I thought it was just  going to be a bunch of busy work, but it really takes me only a few minutes and it's  well worth my effort to make them feel extra special..

Does anyone else do anything like this?

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