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I am in the market for a few new sets of sheets.  My last bunch was ok.  They held up well enough I guess, but not as long as I had hoped.

I found a website called Innerpeace.com that sells sheets that are supposed to hold up really well, and are made entirely in the USA, etc.

But their sheet sets are EXPENSIVE, not THE most expensive sheets I've found, but still pretty high.

Anyone use these sheets?  Do they hold up well?  Are they worth the price?

I don't want to spend a fortune for sheets that last just as long as my last set.
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Starting up a business

Hi all,

So I'm starting up my business soon. I found a room in a busy Salon I really like. Its nice, its clean, the people are friendly, and they really want a massage therapist there. Anyway,
I was hoping that you could tell me what vendors are the best to deal with. I am looking online for deals on sheets and towels.

What websites are the best? Who has done you wrong? Any advice will be appreciated tremendously!

Didn't some one say that massage warehouse wasn't any good?

Ps. I also found 300 thread count egyptian cotton sheets on amazon.com if anyone is interested! they are 17$ for the set!

A bit of help/advice, please.

So I got a job doing massage in a chiropractic office. He's just setting up the massage part of his business, so I have to(get to!!) do all of the product ordering and things like that. I am wondering if anyone can recommend a place to get sheets. Is there a way to buy in bulk and get them cheaper? Or should I go for massagewarehouse and buy them in single sets? And also, should I propose the idea of getting a cleaning service? Seems like the best way to go. That's my biggest worry. Anything little random stuff that I might need? There's a table, disposable face cradle covers, oil...I have my own aromatherapy stuff and music. Other ideas??? Thanks for the help!! This is my first massage job, after 3 months of searching. I want to get it all right. Okay, thanks again!!