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Getting started


I am curious in starting a career in the massage therapy field and have a couple of questions.

1. When looking for a school, what should someone be looking for? This is where I plan to go: http://east-westschool.com/home/
2. I plan on getting my education in IA, then move to PA to start my career. How would that transition work as far as licensing goes? Is this not a wise choice?

My family lives in PA and I've found a nice school here and would like to continuing working at my job until I am ready to move and save up money...all that good stuff. I'm 21 and haven't been in college for about 3 years. I only went to community college for a year in Gen Ed.

Also, any other tips or any thing at all regarding starting an education in massage therapy would be great. I would be glad to take opinions from professionals :).

Thanks a bunch!
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Hostile Takeover?

Hey folks,

I have a question to put to the masses:

I am about 2/3 of the way through my education at Cortiva-MTI in Massachusetts. When I first started thinking about attending, Cortiva had not yet bought the school. It was just MTI (Muscular Therapy Institute), owned by Ben Benjamin (the developer of the Benjamin System of Muscular Therapy). By the time I got around to actually enrolling, Ben had sold the school to Cortiva.

At first, it didn't seem to matter much, but steady losses in the administrative department for the last year make me think that even if they aren't affecting our classes yet, there were clearly some differences of opinion. (I should note that one of the first people to go was our President...)

Slowly, things are changing. They are closing the school's professional clinic, instituting a particularly ridiculous dress code (to be adhered to at all times, even when in class for strictly academic reasons), and I've heard(though this isn't confirmed yet) that they will be reducing the number of science classes necessary to graduate. There is also a host of small silly things that add up to an annoyingly corporate whole. Luckily for me, I'll likely graduate as things really start to change in a big way.

So, my question is this: Is there anyone else here who has or is attending a Cortiva-owned school? What are your thoughts on the way they run things? Were you there before it was bought? How has your curriculum changed? How do you feel about corporations running schools?

Thanks! I'm just wondering what other people's thoughts on the subject are...

Your help, please!

I'd like to add everybody's school to the info page, so if you could please respond to this entry with your school's name and location (city & state, country), that would be great! Feel free to also add any schools you've gone to for continuing education.