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First pregnant client

The clinic where I work has scheduled me to work with a client who is 7.5 months pregnant this afternoon. She's been cleared by her doctor for massage, is completely healthy and has had a totally normal pregnancy. The massage is a gift from he husband, so I'm not sure what her specific goals are for the massage, or if she's just looking to be pampered.

I haven't taken training in prenatal massage outside of what is taught as part of the general curriculum when I was in school (and we've been clear with the client about that) and besides exchanging with a classmate throughout her pregnancy in school, this will be my first pregnant client, so I'm looking for advice.

I know in the third trimester, she'll need to be in sidelying the whole time. I know that deep work in the legs and abdominal work is contraindicated, and that there are pressure points on the ankles that you're supposed to be aware of. Aside from that, is there anything out of the ordinary that I need to keep in mind? Anything you've learned from experience that you can give me a heads up on? Tricks for working in sidelying? I use that positioning often to work the shoulders or hips, but not so much the arms and legs.

Anything you can share would be a huge help!

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i have a woman coming in to my work who is pregnant.
i don't give many massages to pregnant women. i have done a few.
but i would like to increase my range of things i can do.
any techniques would be appreciated. i know about avoiding the ankles and
the points between thumb and index finger.

also what are thoughts on being on the back when i was in school
i was told no longer then a half hour, although some websites
say not and all and some say not at all after 22 weeks.
thanks for any help!