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Here's the research - Why do schools and texts teach otherwise?

Going back to the conflicting information about contraindications, and specifically HIV/AIDS infected people, I've found a bunch of links on research studies. If anything, massage has been shown to ENHANCE immunity, reduce anxiety and cortisol levels, and has helped newborns born to HIV-positive mothers.

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So, lets debate. HIV/AIDS : Contraindicated or no? Why? Are there reasons other than science behind schools or textbook teachings? What do you think?

Frustrations with contradictions

I am becoming VERY frustrated with the contradictions I am finding in my review matierials.

I have found contradictions as far as the functions of muscles, and also on important theory/application issues.

The Ashton says of the function of the rhomboids that they are responsible for retraction and downward rotation.

My trail guide says that they adduct, elevate, and downwardly rotate

Ok, so adduction=retraction when talking about the scapulothroracic joint, but do the rhomboids elevate the scapula or don't they?? ARGH!!

For example, both the Ashton and the Allen address what one should do if one has a client who refuses to fill out the intake form

Ashton says to ask as many questions as necesary to give the massage, then give the massage.

Allen says do not give the massage.

Also, in school we learned that if a person has HIV, it is safe to massage that person following universal precautions. Just give them a massage.

A different book says to call their doctor for permission.

Another book says to make sure they aren't having any complications by asking the client questions, then give the massage.

I realize that a lot of these questions will be "common sense"... but DAMN, you know? How do I pick the right answer on the freaking test if all my matierials contradict themselves?