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so i've recently started doing house calls. i put an add up on craigslist at the urging of my mentor, she's been in the business for 15 years and has found a LOT of clients through them. unfortunatly, she's out of town for a week now and i can't call her to ask her about this.

i've had a GREAT response so far, within 5 days of posting my ad i had already picked up 7 new clients, how cool! and excelent for free advertising heh. however, i'm not exactly sure how to go about screening people. the people i've worked on so far have been fantastic, very professional and new exactly what they needed. they've all been men, which i thought was odd at first, but i've made it clear that it's Swedish Massage, and a strictly therapudic treatment, and i've had no problems. in fact, i've met some really interesting people who have even turned ME on to some wholistic and natural resources in our area that i didn't know about before. however, i got a call today from a guy who was very insistant about wanting an appointment today. i keep getting mixed signals from him... first he'll ask what kind of techniques i do, and when i mentioned that i do primarily swedish he sounded excited, but then he asked how old i was and what race i was. ... but then he followed that up by mentioning that he had a herniated disc and needed help with that.

i scheduled an appointment with him for tomorrow afternoon... pushing him off a bit so i'd have a chance to consider this a little longer. do you have any advice on the subject? i'm really enjoying working intensively with people in their own homes, but i want to make sure i avoid anything that might put me in danger or... anything like that. i've been working as a massage therapist for 3 years, but this is the first time i've done house calls for anyone other than friends and family.

any tips, advice, or gut feelings on this guy... or house calls in general?

outcall pricing

The cost of a massage will obviously vary depending on your location, but I was wondering, for those of you who do outcalls what do you tend to charge? I know most therapists charge a certain fee and then additionally for travel. Do you do it differently? Just looking for some input i guess, thanks =]

Sorry if this has been posted before.