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hi all!

i'm about to finish a 500-hour program at the lauterstein-conway school of massage in austin, texas. the state recently changed the laws relating to massage therapy and did away with its state exam. i have the option to take either the ncbtmb or mblex to get licensed.

i'm leaning towards the mblex because i've heard so much about annoying natcert politics, their propensity for losing people's applications, and the fact that i don't feel prepared for the asian bodywork questions on their exam. all the topics listed on the mblex are familiar to me, on the other hand.

are there any compelling reasons to take the ncbtmb instead? (i don't really care about being able to put "nationally certified" on my marketing.)

also, does anyone know of a good study guide for the mblex?


So I am starting to stress

Well I have been frequenting this site http://massagetherapyexam.com which has practice test questions etc. etc. as trying to memorize things from books and flashcards was not working and I am concerned.

Let's start with this: I am doing better on the question for the Asian and Aromatherapy which I have not really studied for then the anatomy stuff which I was pounding into my brain. I did several practice tests where I tried to approximate the percentage of each areas questions and I passed ONCE out of 3 tries. We never studied aromatherapy and a lot of the questions have nothing to do with anything I learned in school. The good part of this is I guess that I will see this information before the test, the bad part is I feel WAAAAY underprepared and I take the test on the 5th.

I am going to work at the anatomy, chakras and merdians more this week but anyone else have these issues or were you spouting Origins and Insertions in your sleep?

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Just so Happy!

I took the National Exam today... And Passed!!! I'm so thrilled that I passed on the first time I took it. What I'm not happy about is that much of the stuff I learned and studdied for, wasn't what was on the exam. I had a lot of Eastern and my school didn't cover MUCH at all. We had 12 hours of Eastern Philosophy and 12 hours of Reflexology. Other than that we were pretty much on our own.

I thought the test was harder than I expected in many ways, but over all, it wasn't the nightmare I thought it would ahve been. Now it's the ordeal of waiting for my Number! I'm SO Excited!!

Now really!!! NCBTMB question

Hello all,

I just purchased some flahscards that stated they covered "all the important things you need" for the test from Morrison Media. Much of the stuff is quite useful but I really have to ask this. They have cards on pathology and I cannot quite accept that as a massage therapist I will need to know the chemical make up of drugs, the response to a blood vessel injury " Endothelial retraction fo infured vessel results in subendothelial collagen exposure.,.." or obscure health issues.

Did any of you who have taken the test have questions that related to any of this stuff. I am not planning to study much on the pathlolgy as it is only 12% of the subject matter but some of this other stuff has me wondering. It has me wondering if these people who make these study guides are full of crap.

just joined!

i decided to seek out such a community because i'm pretty darn stressed about taking the national certification exam. i finished my program about 2 years ago and i don't think my program was very thorough, unfortunately. so, i am trying to study up. i have the study guide and my books from school, but don't feel like i'm making much progress. i'm not sure how to study for such an all inclusive exam.
if anyone has any tips or study material recomendations, i'd GREATLY appreciate it.
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Does anybody need review materials for the NCTMB test? (Chicago North/ Evanston, IL)

I have a "Review for Therapeutic Massage and Bodywork" book, by Joseph Ashton and Duke Cassel. I also have a photocopy of a practice test from some other book I don't know the title of. I passed the test (yay!), so I don't need them anymore. I would be glad to give them to someone about to take their test. I live in South-East Evanston, and you would have to come and pick it up here.


Hello All,
Thank you so much for your feedback and advice on my last post. I called NCBTMB yesterday and they said they now have my transcript. They said I'm good to go and should be receiving my authorization letter soon. A few people had told me to try to get my code over the phone so I could schedule my test sooner, but my rep at NCBTMB said she didn't have the code, so I guess I just have to wait for the letter. I'm in a bit of a time crunch because I need to take the NCE before I can take my state test on 11/17, otherwise I have to wait until next month to take the state test.

So...another question for the experts...once you received your letter how quickly can you schedule an exam via the thomson prometric website? If I get my letter this week will I be able to take the test next week? Also, I believe I heard that when you are exiting the test you get your results immediately. Do they give you a piece of paper saying that you passed? My state says I need to bring proof that I have passed so I'm hoping they will give me something right away and that I don't have to wait for something to be mailed to me.

Thanks again!



I passed the NCETMB.


Since its unethical to discuss any of the contents in whole or in part, I'll just say that everyone who is studying for it: breathe and chill out ;-)

Every question had an obvious answer if I knew what they were talking about. Some things I just flat out didn't know because I hadn't been taught. If you know your bony landmarks, meridians and five element theory, and massage application and theory stuff, you should be fine. All questions were extremely straightforward, you either know it or you don't.

Woo! Yay! I'm one more step closer to becoming a liscenced therapist!
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Please Help me!

Hi guys,

Can anyone tell me a good book i can buy to study for the (NCE)? I am not just looking for any NCE book. I am looking for plain and simple, book that actually focuses on the exam. Please help! I have a very short time to prepare for this exam. I already have one of Laura Allen’s books, and I heard she doesn’t really focuses on the exam.