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Pregnant Massage Therapist.

So... I am four months pregnant. I've been a LMT for over three years now and I'm just wondering if any of you (mostly females) :p have ever practiced while pregnant and what you did to elevate stress and pain. I do stretch and take frequent brakes but I still seem to be in a bit of pain.

Did any of you go through most of your pregnancy while practicing? or did you stop mid trimester?

Did you take less clients a day or did you stay up to par? or did you cut your days/hours?

I'm very curious about this. I know everyone is different when it comes to pregnancy but I just want tips and hints as to what I can do to make it easy for myself and my clients.

Also an ethical question:

If you were a client, would you want to know if your therapist is pregnant? In case of nausea or things related to being pregnant. My boss (who has never been a massage therapist) thinks I shouldn't tell my clients because she thinks it will "scare them away" (new or old clients). She also thinks they won't come back to me or they won't tip me at all and that it will hurt me financially in the long run. I've only told some of my clients... mostly the ones i have had for a long time and they don't seem to care.

Would it bother you if your therapist was pregnant?

Also, do many of you sit down during your massages? I sit down sometimes when I'm doing reflexology mainly because mosf of the clients want the feet done and they are sitting down anyway. I also sit when I am doing concentration on the back, neck and shoulders. My boss seems to have a problem with this and mind you, she has never been a massage therapist. She just owns the clinic I work at. I've talked to other therapists and some have told me they sit, especially after a long day of massage. Some of my clients have actually noticed my bulging belly and insist that I sit down if I feel it's necessary.

Anyway, any thoughts or constructive criticism would be nice and greatly appreciated.