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Your Massage Product Reviews Needed + Introduction

So - My name is Angela and I'm a licensed massage therapist in Oklahoma. I just put together a website for massage therapists to review teir favorite (or not so favorite) products, books, lotions, classes, etc. Please help me get some reviews up there! :-) 


Visit the review page and talk about one of your favorite massage products....Or a product you tried and hated. :-)

Blessings, Angela <><   

Tilt massage tables

Does anyone here have a tilt massage table? For example, Earthlite makes a portable one.
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If you have one, what are the pros to having a tilt back?

I'm going to be buying a new table soon- I need a wider one- and I am intrigued by the tilt option :)

Also, anyone have any favorite brand of table? I have a Custom Craftworks right now, but that's only because the school I went to pushed us to order one.

Thanks for your input!!!
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Can anyone recommend a sturdy but light-weight table? I brought a 31" wooden table home from school last night and almost died while carrying it down the block from the parking lot to my aparment and up the three flights of stairs... There is a Wellspring aluminum table in one of the brochures I received, but it says it is the same weight range (25-29lbs) as the wooden tables... Also, are the 29" tables much different in weight? Suggestions appreciated!!!!

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I just had my first day of class, and since it didn't come up, I'm needing help choosing a table.
Now our tuition covers a basic table without accessories. My first question is width. I am only 5'4". My book says a wider table will strain my back if I need to reach over my client. But - don't you just go to the other side of the table if you need to do that? I originally wanted a wider table to make a heavier client comfortable. My width choices are 29" or 31".
The two tables we can get are from either Custom Craftworks, or Oakworks.
As far as extra cost to my table with accessories, I do want a Pre-natal option. The question is, is it necessary while I'm in school? Because it costs about $300.oo extra. Can I just get a new table when I graduate? Also a rolling stool. I know this is something I will need. They charge $90.oo for a stupid stool though. Would'nt it be cheaper to just buy one at Target or something for half that?
Lastly, I think I'm leaning toward an aluminum table because they're cheaper, but what do most of you prefer? Wood or Aluminum?

Well, thank you ahead of time for the help if you comment!

amateur questions

I am curious about getting a massage table. Mind you I don't have a license, but i would like to get one. I live in Texas, and I hear the hours needed to obtain a lincense is ridiculously low. I am 6'5'', so when I usually massage friends I get lower back pain because they are usually on a bed or even on the floor. This is also probably due to my lack of good technique, but i was wondering if a table would remedy that situation. Any good ones that I can find relatively cheap for tall trees like myself? And thank you for all your wonderful comments from my last post.
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Portable massage chairs?

I was wondering what people thought about portable massage chairs. I will be finishing my massage course soon, and after some experimenting with the Oakworks Portal Pro that my centre have, it struck me that I could try earning money by doing seated massage at buisnesses over lunch hours, on the beach, etc. Maybe build up a client base that way. Has anyone had a go at this and how did it work out for them?

My teacher really recommends the Oakworks chairs, as having a good design and better than all the others around. But they are quite expensive! I was wondering if people had any other recommendations for massage chairs, that would really help me out.

all the best,
Cat :)

table questions

ok.... hey everyone is earthlite tables.. the spirit a good table? well i dont know what to look for when buying one. lol. I need one soon to and i dotn want to get a cheapy one and the table will be bad quality. like this table i have in a mag.. says

  • Standard Table Size: 30 x 73 inches with optional widths of 28 and 32 inches
  • Adjustable Height: 23 to 33 inches
  • Foam: luxurious 3 inches of triple-layered, multi-density foam
  • Delightfully soft and supple Doeskin upholstery in your choice of 20 colors
  • Table Weight: 32 pounds for the 28-inch wide table
  • Shiatsu Release enables the table to lie flat on the floor
  • Engineering and construction features include:
    • Finger-jointed table frames for superior strength
    • Solid maple corner blocks for strong and stable leg support
    • Leg braces supported by wooden blocks on each side for extra strength
    • Squeak-proof construction to ensure years of quiet use
    • Soft touch, easy grip adjustment knobs make height adjustments easy, even with oily hands
    • Headrest/Accessory holes at both ends of the table
    • Special rubber grips keep headrests securely in place
    • Reinforced soft carrying handles are thru-bolted with tee nuts
    • With its recessed cables and struts, the patented Cradle-lock Cable System ensures fast setup & takedown with plenty of maneuvering room
  • UL Listed Massage Table 68BK
  • Working Weight: 450 pounds
  • Warranted against defects in materials, design, and craftsmanship: Structure-Lifetime, Vinyl-3 years, Foam-5 years

my other question ... is im 5"2 and yea not that big... what should i look for when im buying my table? Please help me!


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Thanks so much for all your comments on tables! It defintley helps to hear everyone's different opinions on them.

So I think I've narrowed it down to Oakworks and Golden Ratio. I love the Oakworks Nova. My only pull for the Golden Ratio is that I have a friend who can get me a 30% discount.

Any advice between one and the other?