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Your Massage Product Reviews Needed + Introduction

So - My name is Angela and I'm a licensed massage therapist in Oklahoma. I just put together a website for massage therapists to review teir favorite (or not so favorite) products, books, lotions, classes, etc. Please help me get some reviews up there! :-) 


Visit the review page and talk about one of your favorite massage products....Or a product you tried and hated. :-)

Blessings, Angela <><   
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101 Things Every New Massage Therapist Should Know

101 Things Every New Massage Therapist Should Know

I just got this book in the mail, and I'm up to #11, and I just wanted to share with you all that this is a great book! I am not a "new" massage therapist, but so far I've gotten a lot of good ideas from this book!

From the website:
How to prevent oil stains
Choosing the best oil (or lotion, cream, gel, butter...)
Music recommendations
Soundproofing solutions
Setting up a treatment room
Getting the time right (shortening or lengthening your massage)
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Does anybody need review materials for the NCTMB test? (Chicago North/ Evanston, IL)

I have a "Review for Therapeutic Massage and Bodywork" book, by Joseph Ashton and Duke Cassel. I also have a photocopy of a practice test from some other book I don't know the title of. I passed the test (yay!), so I don't need them anymore. I would be glad to give them to someone about to take their test. I live in South-East Evanston, and you would have to come and pick it up here.

Books and flashcards

Hello there people!
I am looking for used books, and especially the Trail Guide Flashcards for my course. I was looking at Abebooks, but they don't have the flashcards... Do you know where I could find used massage-related materials for sale?

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Book recs

I'm a semi-beginning massage student, trying to build a library of massage resources (or at least a wishlist to carry when I visit Half Price Books or have a gc to Borders). Does anyone have any favorite massage-related books to recommend? Anything you've found just awful? Thanks very much for any suggestions!