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I finally broke down and joined Twitter. But I'm finding that I have very little to tweet about on a regular basis.
Any suggestions for me? How can I keep up a regular (as in once a week or so) routine? What about followers? No idea there, either...

Marketing question

For those of you with your own business -- whether an IC contracted to a spa/salon or renting a room or whatever -- 

Do/did you belong to your local Chamber of Commerce?

Why or why not?

Do you feel you get good value for your dues?

As you can tell, I'm thinking about it, but I work "by appointment" as there's really nowhere to "hang out" 6 hours a day at the office so no walk-ins :(
and I'm wondering if I'd get more clients from the local businesses who are also Chamber members.  There are currently NO other massage therapists listed in the annual book, and the secretary I spoke with at the office didn't know af any, so this might be a good way to get referrals. 

Need Ideas

I was hoping members of this group could help me think of ways to get bodies on my table! I was doing great until the Students left town and now I've gotten nada. No one has made any appointments since last week sometime. I'm becoming very discouraged, especially now that I've figured out how many massage therapy places there are in this small town (Population around 80,000)

I guess, what does one do that doesn't seem pushy or spammy? I don't want people to feel like I am spamming them, because I am offering a legitimate service. I can't afford to do too many free massages, because I have to pay rent and what not.

I do play to advertise heavily to students, offering student discounts because that worked well with a small sample of students. I also want to advertise to banks, law firms etc- because people who sit all day REALLY need massages, but I don't want to spam anyone.

Thanks for any advice.

Webpage help?

I would like to embed a little script in my page that allows people tha visit it to sign up for my mailing list. I am thinking of a little box where to input the Email address, and then they are subscibed. I figure there must be some sort of mailinglist service that does this, or an easy script that I can add to my page, that then automatically sends the Email address to me, so that then I can manually add it to my mailing list.
To see an example of what I mean, see here: www.devi2000.com. At the top of the page there is the box I talk about.
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Postcards/ Marketing

I want to send out postcards to my clients near the end of this year. I'd like to thank them for seeing me for a massage this past year, and offer them a discount if they come in for another appointment in the early part of next year.
I'm wondering if you guys have any suggestions on how to word the postcard.

I'd like to stay away from a holiday theme because some of my clients don't celebrate the holidays, and I don't want to offend them.

Thanks! :)

Vistaprint is offering free postcards, it's a 48 hr sale. I'm not sure if it's offered on their website, or if you need the link from the email. If you'd like me to forward it to you, let me know :)


I was curious, what effective marketing has worked for other therapists in regards to giving discounted massages?

I know that discounted massages can be a good thing, and a bad thing.  They can depreciate the message you are sending to your clients about your "value" and they can also cause clients to always expect a discount.  I know for me, the market and type of clientele in the town I work in, are cheap.  They are the kind who are always looking for a deal. Sadly enough to the point of turning down a fantastic professional massage over a discounted massage at the clinic at the massage school, simply for no other reason than they felt like they were getting a good deal. 

Rather that fighting against the masses, we have come up with a solution that really works in everyone's best interest.  We rarely give " first time client" discounts (but on occassion we do, its just not a standard). Instead we use packages.  example, our best selling package is the (4  one hour massages for  $xx), or the (4 90min massages for $xx).  We have cards that are like our gift certificates that they can bring in with them everytime (or its logged into the computer incase they forgot)  We have other packages that mix and match different services we provide but ultimately, these two packages sell the most and often!    Each massage in the package is discounted $3-$5-$7.50 off regular price, a small discount really for a guarantee of a return of 4 times (and usually more). The client feels like they are getting a "deal" and coming in more regularily and you don't feel like the discount is a "bad" thing and your schedule is filling up.

Almost without fail this usually works in selling a package for me~  I will ask the client when the last time they had a massage, they seem to always sigh and say "too long, I need to come in more often, this feels great"  at that cue I will ask why they waited so long, and they will respond generally with something in regards to money, or time.  At that point I will say that we offer a package that will save them money and they can apply today's massage to save even more.    9 times out of 10 a client has purchased one of these packages.

So - I would love to hear what effective things you do!!!!!
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what didnt work for you?

It's that time of my program, where we start verbalizing/writing out a business plan! so... I pose some questions to the RMTs who have been in practice for more than a year:

* what did you find worked very well for you?
* what didnt work at all?
* what piece of advice, business-wise, would you give to someone starting their first year of practice?

thanks in advance for the responses!
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How do you build your client base? Do you advertise in newspapers/online or do you do referrals? Do you ind marketing yourself hard to do?

I am horrible at marketing. I work out of my home for the most part (and in a salon in San Francisco whenever there's work, but that's another story.) and I am weary about letting just anyone into my home. I like to have some sort of connection to the person who gets a massage. I have had good luck advertising at Curves. (They are actually the group I want as clients... women.)

How do you handle the "raised eyebrow" response when you tell someone you're a massage therapist? Have you refrained from using "masseuse"?

Oh, and do you prefer working on men or women... or does it not matter to you?

(Like a dork I posted this in my journal by mistake instead of in here...hehe)