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The Little Prince

Gift Certificates in Wisconsin

My Massage Therapist emailed WI State Senator Joe Leibham and asked him about gift certificates and expiration dates.
This is what he replied:

“Thank you for contacting me with your questions regarding gift certificates and expiration dates. As your State Senator, I am happy to provide you with the following information.

After looking into your questions, I have learned that there is essentially no regulation of gift certificate expiration dates at either the state or the federal level. Gift certificates are seen as contracts between the purchaser and the retail establishment. As long as any necessary information, such as an expiration date, is disclosed to the purchaser, a retail establishment is free to do as it wishes.

Recent legislative attempts to regulate gift certificates have been defeated. As under current law, I believe you should set this policy with your customers.

Based on this, it is my understanding that you are able to place an expiration date on your gift certificates, but you are also able to honor the gift certificate beyond the expiration date if you see fit. I appreciate your investment in our area with your small business and I am happy to report that you are able to do your job with basically no government intervention or regulation in the area of gift certificates.

Again, thank you for contacting me with your questions. Please contact me again if I can provide additional information or answer any questions. For more information on my overall legislative efforts, I encourage you to log on to my online office at: www.leibhamsenate.com.

It is an honor representing the residents of the 9th District in the State Senate!

Joe Leibham”