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The Little Prince

Alternative to NCBTMB

Originally posted by lucv_cate over at earth_hands here
Recently I heard about a group that grew out of a desire to do the things that the NCBTMB has failed to do. I posted the question of the identity of the group to a different bodywork discussion group, and here is the response I received about this group.

In 2005, a Federation of State Massage Therapy Boards was founded. They
expect to have a licensing exam operational by July-August 2007. While part
of the immediate motivation was nonresponsiveness of the NCBTMB to both
candidate and massage board needs, the move also addresses a more
fundamental issue. Licensing is an authority vested in the state that is not
delegatable to a private entity. Courts have ruled that while states have
immunity from anti-trust, the use of private agencies as they affect
licensing requirements requires fulfillment of a clear state policy and
direct state supervision of decision making -- or the state immunity is
lost. That wasn't possible with NCBTMB.

They can be found at fsmtb.org. The main page asks you to fill out a questionairre so as to help them create a national test in which we as therapists, state and governmental agenices, and our clientelle can be assured of a standard of qualification and compentancy.

I am not sure if I fully agree with licensure, but I like the idea of an actual agency who is not private and trying to institute itself upon a governmental platform, as well a an agency who is attempting to put together a test worthy of being claimed as being a means to ensure a level of competancy among bodyworkers.